Custom Order Echino Damask Honeysuckle Tote

I was pleased to work with one of my regular customers to create this gorgeous bag!
She wanted something that would hold her laptop. We started with a large Honeysuckle tote and expanded the width slightly to ensure the laptop would fit inside.
She wanted side pockets like the Zelda's and Tilly. That meant adding to the depth also, since putting side pockets on the Honeysuckles serves no purpose. Pockets need a minimum width or you can't put anything inside them!
On the back we added a shallow zip pocket. Inside a sleeve, like you would find in the Panthers, this to hold the laptop in place.
Instead of handles she selected a padded shoulder strap.

The end result was a beautiful bag as you can see.
What did she think about it? See below! Notice she turned it into a Bag in a Bag, as did my other customer. I see a trend here!

"My lappy bag / airline carry-on came today, and I am just ecstatic with it! OMG Karen, it's perfect!
The fabric is gorgeous and coordinates beautifully with my existing neoprene Mac Book sleeve. It slides perfectly into the pocket - and the little piggy on the fastener is adorable! My Zeldina slides in next to it, and with the Morphin flap removed gives me full access to my purse without carrying an extra bag. And there's still room for a bottle of water and a good-size book or knitting project. The outside pockets will keep my phone, reading glasses, and travel documents within easy reach. Y'know, it's as if it were made just for me! ;-)

I can't wait to show it off when I travel...!



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