Tale of two Geisha Britta Totes # 1 Traditional Kona Bay print

Geisha's are a popular theme in fabrics. I always have a few prints in stock. I decided I wanted to use a couple that I got specifically for Britta Shopper Totes. The large scale makes them ideal for that style.
What we have though, are two entirely different styles of geisha's which I think is really fascinating.
Which do you like best? Can you even answer that question?

This print is stunning, there are four panels, each with a different geisha. This is the first, so I expect this to be part of a series over time!
The panel isn't wide enough to fill the entire front of the bag so I expanded it by framing, on the sides, with a subtle black and charcoal kanji print. It makes the panel glow, as I hoped it would.
It's in my shop right now, you can click here to find it

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