Too Much Traffic to my shop overloaded the system! Wheee

Never thought I'd see the day when my shop got such a burst of traffic that it became inaccessible.
It happened this morning. I couldn't get to the inner workings , nor could I access the store itself.
There is another Giveaway beginning this morning, on another blog, and I think the traffic from that overloaded the system! I will be back with details later today.( Plus the winner of my blog Giveaway. She has been notified and I am waiting to hear back. ) I want you to get the chance to enter that Giveaway also, but being able to get to my shop is part of the process for the blog writer so I don't want to cause any more traffic to happen right now! What a thing to do, try and slow down visits to my shop ! Arggg LOL! I'll be back later! Stay tuned

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