Spring Time Flowers in Colorado--One of my Inspirations

Yellow Tulips that looks more like a daffodil!

The shine on the inside of this tulip really caught my eye

Sweet Cicely, I love ferns and this is as close as I can get here.

These tulips get more comments than any other in the garden, ohh look at that color

Blue, I love blue flowers!!!

Couldn't resist posting these pics today. Weather report said expect crummy, instead, it's glorious. I'm weeding and surrounded by these beauties.Since I am so inspired by colors and form in fabrics, it makes sense that I would be a flower lover too. Luckily my bags last a lot longer than these babies!
And my hats? Another way to do a flower arrangement, of course!


  1. Very lovely photos, Spring is such a great time of the year.

  2. Love the pics especially the tulips.

  3. Thanks SquirrelQueen and Julie, for your word of praise. Sometimes the light, the subject and I am there all at the right time!