Britta Shopper Tote Bag with Raccoons

I made a few Britta Shopper Tote bags, for a customer, last year. She had me use two panda prints and they were gorgeous. She contacted me later and inquired about raccoon fabric. I hadn't seen any but said I would keep my eyes open. When I saw this print I knew it was a winner. It's part of a line that includes, squirrels, foxes, opossums and skunks. I dropped her an e-mail and she said oh yes, that would work!
She asked me to put a pocket on the front. If you know about my bags, you know that they are designed to really showcase the fabrics. So in order to keep to that look, I had to work on the pocket to make it "fit" into the print.
Great fabric, perfect for this style bag!

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