Planning orders for Christmas!

I know, it's early, gag , I see Christmas decorations in the shops already and I am horrified. The thing is, since this is a one person business I can only make so many bags! If you are thinking you might like to purchase some custom made bags for Christmas gifts, let me know now. You don't have to know what they are, just a general idea so I can put you on the calendar, or gauge how large the rush is going to be.

As long as I can plan, things will move smoothly. If you wait till the last minute, even if you are one of my beloved regulars, I might not be able to accommodate your order.
Just drop me an e-mail and say, "Hey Karen, I expect to be ordering a few bags from you in time for Christmas delivery." As time gets closer I will be back in touch to work out the details, unless you contact me first. You really need to be on my calendar, for a specific period of time, to ensure you will get what you want, especially if it is a large order.
Also, if there are fabrics you have in mind for those gifts, claim them now, they might be gone if you wait a few months!

It gets pretty crazy around here starting about now. I am getting a lot of back to school orders. Then it goes right into the holidays, special bags for special occasions, and gifts for Christmas.

I am working hard to increase the "off the rack" bags in my shop so there will be a nice selection. Custom work has to fit in around that, and be spaced out on the calendar to give me time to handle everything. I have been bringing in a lot of new prints in anticipation. I have some new prints on the way that will be nice for fall/Thanksgiving/ Harvest time and preparing for Halloween and Christmas Morphin flaps too!
Karen 8/7/09

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