An interesting Messenger Bag/ Honeysuckle Tote Combo

This customer was looking for the "perfect travel bag". She had in mind the Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag, but with a zipper. I told her I couldn't put a zipper in that style, but, since the small Honeysuckle Tote was about the same size maybe I could put a flap on it. We added to the depth slightly so I could put side pockets a la the Falcon.
She also added a back zippered pocket and, instead of the Zoe Pocket Set inside, we did three open slip pockets. Oh one more thing, she had me put a strip of the flower print along the top of the back pocket too.
It turned out really cute.
What did she say?

"Hey Karen~

I just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived last Thursday and I have been using it ever since. I love it! It is indeed the "perfect" bag for my trip!

I tested all the seams and the pockets and zippers and so on... and I must say the quality is impeccable. My friends/family usually hate shopping with me because no matter what the item, I always spend alot of time picking the "perfect" one of something... no matter what that item is. I can truly see that you take pride in your work and I wanted you to know (from someone that is truly picky about stuff) that it shows. =)

Thanks again for taking the time to incorporate everything from my "wish list" and making my bag just right. I will definitely recommend your site to anyone looking for a bag with a more personal touch.

Have a great day!

=) Lindy"


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