Feedback on a Custom Order

I had a return customer ask me for a more "organized" version of a Tarquin padded case she bought for her iPod. I had just finalized the Breazy, my iPhone purse so I suggested we take that idea and convert it to work on a Tarquin.
She was so kind to provide a detailed review of the product, seen below!

Hi Karen! I received my wonderful custom-made iPod clutch late last week, but I didn't send feedback right away because I wanted to give it a thorough test drive first :-)

This padded pouch is WONDERFUL. I love the fact that it's got three sections! The interior has a large pocket with a separator down the middle, just as I asked for; so I'm reserving those two sections for my classic (6th generation) iPod and its earbuds respectively. The zip on the top is super-strong and keeps the contents safely contained. Then, the zipped pocket on the outside of the pouch is ideal for tucking away my connector cable, which I carry with me occasionally so that I can recharge my iPod while at the office.

I requested a strap for my clutch, and I'm glad I did, because it makes carrying the pouch so much easier (not to mention retrieving it from the depths of my handbag!). The strap is very sturdy and looks as though it will last for all of eternity... and I find that I keep it attached all the time, even though it's removable, just because it's so very handy.

What else? The synthetic lining material appears to be water-resistant - not that I'm going to experiment to confirm just how resistant it is, but I appreciate that it represents an extra line of defence for my precious 'Pod! The interior of the pouch is roomy enough for me to tuck away my iPod even when it's stored in its molded silicone case, which admittely does add bulk. No problem!

Finally, I'm delighted with the fabric of the pouch. Since I love Japanese designs, it was a treat to discover the blue plover-and-seawave fabric among the extensive selection on your website. The design and its colour scheme are very summery and festive, and they also work beautifully with the solid-black carrying strap. And although the pouch contains a generous amount of padding - good protection for the iPod - the overall impression is of a remarkably slim and elegant clutch.

So, I could not be happier with my new purchase. Thank you so much for the great communication, superb craftsmanship, and an overall perfect experience!

Julia 8/6/09

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