Glor-ious Customer Review of the Morphin Lynx Deluxe

As mentioned in a previous post, two requests for a bag sized in between the Zeldas and the Panthers led to the creation of the Lynx/Lynx Deluxe and the Morphin version of them.
One of those customers, Glor, sent me the most comprehensive and incredible review after receiving her bag. We customized her bag by using side release buckles in place of my standard clips, on the flap
Hi Karen!!!

I GOT MY BAG TODAY. As I promised, here is a review for you:

I am a college student who needed an amazing bag that would make the transition between time in the classroom, on vacation and one that would look professional on the wards, as well. I have tried many bags - including Timbuk2's, Buxton, High Sierra and Lug - but none of these bags were roomy or sturdy enough for my wear-and-tear. I first learned of Zoe's Bags from Etsy and ordered one with a "morphing" flap ...

Creation Process
CEOs from Fortune 500 companies should learn how to properly give customer service based on Karen's example -- she is extremely friendly, professional and willing to work with my vision and needs. I wanted a bag in a particular size -- and I was able to get one even before it was offered in the Etsy shop!! She offered many options in size of bag and wonderful fabrics for perfect customization. Karen's attention to detail is impeccable - she even sent me versions of her bag flap with different placements!!! Karen frequently corresponded with me daily throughout the design and creation process, making absolutely sure I was completely satisfied with this product in every aspect.

First Impression
My bag arrived promptly and was extremely well packaged. On first inspection, I was totally convinced that this bag was purchased from a high-end luggage retailer -- the seams, stitching, and assembly are in one word: perfect. The hardware, materials are high quality, and extremely sturdy. It looks amazing half-filled or all-filed, unlike my old Timbuk2. Unlike most of my other bags, it looks absolutely amazing -- the fabric placement was EXACTLY as promised, and with the "morphing" feature, I can switch it up any time I'd like to! The velcro-attached flap is excellent and does not catch on anything in my bag, as it is aligned with great precision. The internal organizer is brilliant -- there is TONS of room for all my stuff! I am most impressed with the keyfob inside -- unlike most flimsy keyfobs that look ready to break, I feel like I can hang off a bridge with this one and it would support my weight -- not to say I'm going to try this anytime soon :)

Stuff Test!
This bag holds all of my daily stuff: 13.3" Laptop + Cables + Agenda + 2 thick textbooks, hardcover + waterbottle + white coat + stethoscope + hoodie + pashima + two moleskines + cell phone + iPod Touch + various doctor equipment (stuck in the organizer pockets) + lunch + pencil case + ... oh wait, there's still room and I'm out of stuff to stuff in it!!! The weight is amazingly distributed and this bag keeps its shape even though it's only about 60% filled!!! Amazing!

Public Transit Test!!!
I took my bag on the uber test -- can it withstand public transit for 2hrs? Three busses, trip to the public library and a bit of a walk later -- this bag's strap does not dig into my shoulder, unlike my Lug. It also does not slip around like my Timbuk2. It's size is wonderful to keep on my lap on the bus, and many people loved it!! It looked amazing and was attention-grabbing in the right way without being a screaming loud bright green fuzzy bag :) It's adorable and I love it's cuteness!!!! I even dropped by the grocery store and picked up a few things which fit inside beautifully -- no big bulge, the bag just went *gulp* and it disappeared inside!

Bottom Line
This is easily one of the best bags I have ever owned -- the service at Zoe's Bag is highly personalized, friendly, prompt and the only thing better is the quality of their merchandise.

:) Thanks tons Karen!!! You really outdid yourself!!! I love it!!!!

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