Custom order Coyote BackPack makes two people happy!

This was an interesting project. The order came from a person who wanted to get a back pack as a gift for her sister. So I worked with her sister to create her perfect backpack. Since she was using it for work she wanted it to be subtle. She had specific needs in pockets, so we worked on making them fit the things she carried, rather than the other way around.

No Zoe Pocket Set in this pack. Instead, we put a full panel front pocket, accessible from the top rather than the side, one side pocket, and one lower front, zipper pocket, also accessible from the side. She wanted to be able to reach around and grab her sunglasses, wallet etc. while still wearing her pack. Padded shoulder straps, and a carry handle, finished it off. But she wanted to have color on it somewhere, so we made the back brown. Then she wondered if I could add some color to the inside of the pockets. Sure I said. I lined the pockets with bright colors of pack cloth, each one different!

She was pleased with the pack, but the comments I received from her sister really made my week.

"Karen, big giant THANKS for the fabulous backpack. Susan called me last night and went on for nearly 15 minutes about all the ways in which it is absolutely perfect, and even better than she had dared to imagine! It's exactly, exactly right for her - fits everywhere she wants to put it, holds everything she needs to hold, and is sleek and stylish and sturdy, too. She was really impressed with the craftsmanship. She's also so happy to have something that was tailored precisely to her needs - nothing wasted and nothing missing.

Being able to give somebody I love such a PERFECT gift really made my day/week/month/season. Thanks so very much for your excellent work, and for being so easy to work with!!


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