Gift Certificates from Zoe's Bag Boutique

I've had an increasing number of people asking for gift certificates. But, as is fitting with my business style, they are varied in their requests.
So I have a few options to cover what you need.

One style does not fit all.

Some want to give a dollar amount, using a printed certificate. I now have that.

Some want to provide the option for the giftee to select a bag from the shop, or to order something custom made. The shipping cost also comes into play. They don't want the giftee to have to deal with paying for shipping. In this case the best way is for the giftee to pick out, or order a bag, and then I bill the gifter for the entire cost.
Here I can send an e-mail inviting the giftee to come and browse the shop. Or I can send the e-mail to you, and you can print it and give it in person.

I'm pretty flexible, just like I am with my design work. The one thing you can't do is buy one directly through the shop. The website isn't set up for me to do that easily.

Drop me an e-mail telling me what you'd like to do and I will work with you to make it happen!

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