New Category in the shop:Matched Sets, great gift options

I thought I'd add this option to the shop. I know some people love to have their accessories match. Plus, when shopping for gifts it's nice to find a set in a print you know the giftee will love. It makes the gift that much more special. Especially since most of the matched sets I will be making will be one of a kind.
I have set no parameters on what each set will contain. I'll be looking at the print and doing what it tells me to do, as usual!
I've done a few messenger bags with matching Sweet Pea wallets in the past. For my first offerings, in the new category, I made a few sets of zipper bags, a Scooter and a Raven Coin Purse, or a Scribe Pencil Case and a Raven. I also did a SueBee Drawstring Bag with matching Scribe and Raven.

Here's the Matched Sets category in the shop.

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