New way to buy flaps for your size bag!

When I first began setting up my own shop there was a lot to learn. It was pretty overwhelming!
As time has gone by, and I've become more proficient in the inner workings, I finally discovered how I can have options in a listing. You know how many sites let you pick size and color for the item you are buying? I couldn't figure out how to do that for my shop. Well, ta da I finally did, last week.

What this means is that I can offer all Morphin flap sizes in one listing. Up till now I've done one listing for each size. That's a lot of work, and I have only done it for a few popular prints. I don't have any listed for the Lynx line or the Panthers. Now I can list one print in all sizes, in one listing. This is a great find!

Now people who have more obscure Morphins, such as the Falcon, the Hawk and the Panthers can have the same selection as owners of Zeldinas and Zeldas. If your flap isn't listed it's because the fabric motif is too large for your flap, or your flap is too large for the piece of fabric.

Due to the small amount of fabric I buy, in each print, there won't be enough of most, to make a flap in every size. A Panther flap might take all the print in one order. This means everything is still limited and if you love a fabric don't wait around thinking there is a lot of it. :-)

I will adjust the flap options available for each print as someone buys a flap.
You can still order directly from me, of course, but this lets you browse and buy any time you like.
There will still be some listings, for some styles, the Zeldina and the Zeldas, but I will begin to slowly go through the listings and add the options to those that qualify~

Here's the new category
I started adding the Winter fabrics first. I hope it will be more useful to my regular customers!

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