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I was doing some organizing of the computer files over the weekend, (this is an ongoing and time consuming effort, due to my compulsion to save everything!) and I found a copy of an article from August 2006 written by one of my favorite Boulder Colorado's fashion mavens, Aimee Heckel. Aimee writes for the Daily Camera. In the far distant past she was their Lafayette reporter and that's how I came to know her. Now she has a column called the Boulder and the Beautiful, and has mentioned my business a time or two.
This is the first mention, "Is Colorado really a boring hick town?" and I thought I'd post a link here, and include what she wrote.

For years a Lafayette shop, Goldie's, has carried my bags, Aimee wrote....

...... "we've got Goldie's, 409 S. Public Road in Lafayette, which sells custom handbags starting at $18. They come in different styles, including a book bag, courier bag and an adorable purse with a rope handle.

Throw on tassels, fringe or faux fur. Select from the unusual fabrics, which include modern dots, martini glasses, a retro cartoon lounge scene or my favorite: the sock monkey extravaganza. The designer, Karen Norback, said the sock monkey pattern is quite the rage.

I want to buy a monkey purse for my girlfriend Reba, who became infatuated with sock monkeys around the same time that I got infected with Cowgirl MCD. Only Reba never outgrew her obsession, and now boasts an extensive collection of sock-monkey shirts, purses, quilts and, of course, socks. Mostly from me."

Thanks Aimee!

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