Custom Order- Morphin Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag with removable flaps

Here's a great order, with many of the fabrics coming from the first Fabric Frenzy Shopping Spree. We began with three flaps and the wallet on a string. Two more flaps were added, creating an amazing assortment . The customer sent the following comments....


The bags arrived yesterday afternoon and they are wonderful! I am just as pleased with the quality as I am with your superior customer service throughout the ordering process. This Morphin line was a brilliant idea... I will be ordering more flaps before the month is over. I am not sure that I will be able to choose just one flap per day, which means that I will need to carry my stack of alternate flaps around in my car at all times. Hmmm... I may need another bag for that!
The wallet-on-a-string is perfect as well. Up close, those little mice on the fabric are adorable, from a distance the bag can appear quite formal, what a delightful surprise that I hadn't anticipated! It will surely big a big hit at our local SPCA fund-raising gala at the end of this month (I'll be carrying those business cards in it.)

Thanks so much!

Amy , a VERY satisfied customer. march 6th 09

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