Stunning Echino Grab and Go Laptop Case

This case was the reason I finally got my Grab and Go laptop cases finished, named and shoulder strapable!
The fabric is incredible.! The customer's husband contacted me on her birthday and told me he wanted to surprise her with a case for her new laptop. What fun! I sent her a notice informing her of the gift and she jumped into gear, finding this print and having it delivered to me.

What did she think after she received it?

"I just keep looking at it and hugging it (it's soft and squishy!). I love how the pattern fills the space with no repetition. And the shoulder strap worked out perfectly; very nicely balanced and comfortable to carry. My MacBook can go everywhere in safety and comfort and beauty!!
I have to be calm for awhile -- but your bags are so wonderful, it makes me want more :-)
Thank you - and thank you for sending the left over fabric. I am plotting what I want to do with it! (I like the little yellow bird that didn't fit on the bag.)
I will look forward to seeing it on your site, but am mostly happy to see it right here next to me!
Dotty" March 7/09

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