A Custom Order Zeldina , a Robot Scooter Zip Bag and a Piggie Coin Purse

What a beautiful Zeldina, and the other accessories are oh so cute. Look at the robots!!!

For one of my wonderful regular customers. When she read the post about a bag in a bag and that customer's comments, she sent along her own:

"Hey Karen - a comment on today's post:
I also hate moving stuff from one bag to another, and I am truly a bag lady - I have tons! The way I combat that is to have 2 smaller bags, like a scooter and a raven, that I use to keep all the little things I need in my purse. When I get the urge to change bags, I pull out the "insides" (scooter, raven, wallet, and calendar) and move it to another bag. Voila!
Plus the bonus with this plan is that you never have to hunt for your chapstick (or anything else) in the bottom of your purse!

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