New Fabrics!

I've been unveiling some of the new fabrics via finished products only. I wanted to blog about them because, well, they are so amazing! As usual shoot me an e-mail if you want to claim one or more of them for your very own bags! service@zoesbaboutique.com

Another incredible line of fabrics from Alexander Henry was the reason I bought this batch of prints.
I have this "Zen Tattoo" in two colorway, this blue

and this black. They both are amazing, yet very different from each other, due to the colors.

Keeping with the Asian prints, I thought this peony was going to work really well on a larger bag. A messenger bag flap of course, but a Tilly or a Britta would be stunning!

For the smaller bags, such as the padded bags, or the wallet on a string, or even a Zeldina, this small scale Kanji will be perfect. If you want something Asian but low key, this is it!

This new addition to the every popular Day of the Dead line is worth a look as well. The colorway caught my eye. I can see this print on a brown Tallullah purse. Oh, so nice!

Because I love the bold graphics and bright colors, this print, scroll tattoo, was a natural. This can work for any of the messengers, plus the totes too.

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