New Size Messenger Bag The Lynx Deluxe: Green Batik Peace Sign

Here's the deluxe model of The Lynx.
This batik peace sign print is beautiful. You can find this bag in my shop. I also have this print in purple and multi colored as well. Plus I have a smaller version of the multi color. I am expecting a shipment of two more peace sign prints to arrive this week. Pink and blue versions of a print with a decidedly 60's mod look. I'll post them as soon as they arrive. To those of you who are looking for peace sign messenger bags, you can put peace sign in the search box in my shop to find in stock bags. However I would encourage you to ask for a custom order to get the right size, in the print you love the most!
Click contact at the top of every page in my shop to order your custom made peace sign messenger bag

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