A Wonderful Order, Mostly Asian Prints Part 1

Large Honeysuckle Lady Yang

Large Honeysuckle Asian Goldfish

Medium Honeysuckle Asian Patchwork

Medium Honeysuckle Koi and Fans on Brown

Another one of my long time customers placed an order early in the year. She buys many of my bags as gifts, and we have worked together numerous times to pick out the bags and styles she wants.
She orders well in advance of when she needs the bags, and tells me to make them as I can. Perfect!

The last order was mostly Honeysuckle Totes. She also bought some stock bags, so you may well have seen those. These, however will be new to your eyes!
I love sharing what I do as custom orders because it shows you what other people select, rather than me!

She picked different sizes of Honeysuckles , and also, had me make some tall, and some wide, to provide a real variety.

I'll be back with more from the order later

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