New Style: The Otter Hipster Bag

Zippered Pocket on the back

Two shallow pockets inside for your cell phone, ipod, pens, etc

One inside pocket, shown here with a regular size envelope for scale

I was asked, by a return customer, if I could make a waist pack, belt pack, fanny pack, call them what you will. She wanted something that she could wear on her waist, rather than over her shoulder.
We talked about dimensions and it turned out I had done some prototype work, on a bag I wasn't happy with and had back burnered.
Another one of those, hey you know what! moments. Another regular customer, who loves my wallet on a string, had asked me quite some time ago, if I could expand it to a larger size.
What we had in mind was similar features, same size, but with some depth.
At the time I thought it was a great idea, I did some work and threw it aside in disgust! I was not happy with the bag at all.
However, with the passage of time, and this new request, I realized there might be something there.
I kept the same size pattern, made some changes to the "ingredients" of the bag and came up with The Otter.

Now, The Otter is designed as a shoulder bag, but I made some changes for the latest customer and added an adjustable belt, rather than a shoulder strap.
I'll do a post about that bag tomorrow, because she ordered a set of bags that was really beautiful.
For now I wanted to introduce this bag and show you where in the shop you can locate it

By the way, this fabric is to die for! Layers of colors and patterns. Something very special!

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