Wonderful Bag Order Part 2: Labrador Retrievers , Daruma's and Winter Village

Medium Honeysuckle Labs

Britta Shopper Daruma's

Winter Village Medium Honeysuckle
I was in such a hurry to send her pictures that I snapped this before it had a shoulder strap!

Tootsie with a shoulder strap and Daruma's

Some more bags !
I will have one more set of pics from this order later. I wanted to share her words after receiving the box!

"Dear Karen,
the box came in today and I don't know what to say... All the purses are so beautiful!! My son Ryo and I have spent the last 40 minutes on the floor surrounded by them, deciding who gets which one (the dog one is his!!). I love the one for me (the black zen tattoo).
You are a great artist. I really hope your store is doing well because you deserve it. Your bags are so much better than anything in stores both on line and not!
I think though that when you packed the purses you put in also a wallet on a string that I do not remember ordering. I hope your customer who did order it is not waiting for it! I'll send it back to you when I send you the fabric from my friend which I'll get tomorrow. When you get it, then we can figure out what to do with it. I think there should be enough for a couple of bags.
Thank you once again for your wonderful work and you'll be getting the fabric from me within a week
Have a great week,
Adriana 5/11/09"

The wallet she referenced really was part of her order, as she soon discovered! The fabric? You can see it in the pics above, the Darumas. The grey/white print. We did a Britta Tote and a Tootsie .
What is a Daruma you ask?

From Wikipedia:

Daruma dolls (達磨 daruma), also known as dharma dolls, are hollow and round JapaneseBodhidharma, the founder and first patriarch of Zen.[1] Typical colors are red (most common), yellow, green, and white. The doll has a face with a mustache and beard, but its eyes only contain the color white. Using black ink, one fills in a single circular eye while thinking of a wish. Should the wish later come true, the second eye is filled in. It is traditional to fill in the right eye first; the left eye is left blank until the wish is fulfilled. wish dolls with no arms or legs, modeled after

Many of the Daruma dolls are male. There is, however, a female Daruma called hime daruma or "princess daruma."

If you like the idea of the darumas let me know. I have a small amount of a daruma print, not the one used above, but a navy with smaller motifs. I'd be happy to make something for you!

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