The Pippa Portfolio

I have quite a few products that exist as patterns, and, maybe one sample. I never seem to find the time to add them to my shop. I've been working on changing that. Today I added the Pippa Portfolio.

To quote the blurb that describes this product in my shop....

"The Pippa was inspired by a customer who loved the graphics on some of my fabrics. She had plenty of purses, and zip bags, but wondered if I could design a larger zippered bag. She reasoned it would be a showcase for the fabrics that had caught her eye and would be great for carrying magazines while traveling. In fact, The Pippa could be used for many travel related purposes, clothes, magazines, important documents, you name it. It’s also a great gift for just about anyone."

I had fun taking pictures for the category page. I have this old Cosmo from November 1956 , what a hoot!

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