Another search for the perfect bag ended in my shop! Koi and fans Morphin Lynx Deluxe

In November I was contacted by Tiina, who like so many of you, was in search of the perfect bag!
She loved the koi with fans print and and ordered a Lynx Deluxe with a padded shoulder strap and an exterior zippered pocket. Then, she found the Morphin line! She loved the idea of the changeable flaps so she ordered that, with all the same features, except she wanted the side release buckles instead of my standard, plus an extra flap. The bag turned out to be her Christmas gift and she had to wait till the actual day before she could open it! Here's what she said:

"Hi Karen!

I hope you had a great Christmas. I just wanted to tell you that I FINALLY got to open my present on Christmas Day, and my new bag is AWESOME! The fabric on both flaps is even more gorgeous than I imagined, and I swear that bag can hold everything! I went to my sister in law's yesterday and stuffed in my wallet, makeup bag, cell phone (in the handy side pouch), keys (attached to the MIRACULOUS key ring... I shall never lose my keys in the bottom of a bag again!), Pull-up training pants for my son, a very large sweater, a camera, snacks for the kids, and I still could have fit more! Amazing. And the padded shoulder strap really protects my shoulder from even feeling the weight of all that stuff - so comfy. All those zipper pouches are great too, for my lipsticks and train pass, and anything else I need to put my hands on fast.

THANK YOU for making such a great bag for me. I am looking forward to showing it off when I return to work after the holidays! (and I promise to send a photo of me & my bag soon!)

Take care, and all the best for 2010.

Dec 27/09

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