In search of the Perfect Bag: MIssion Accomplished

This is a pretty cool story.
In October of 09 Linda contacted me via the shop.
Here's a portion of what she said in that first contact:

"Wow, I love your bags but I have a couple of questions. I have a 15 inch macbook pro and I would like a messenger bag. Are your messenger bags padded at all? ........ I like the peace design, and especially the one on the "peace sign zeldina mini messenger bag" but the zeldina would be much too small. Any help would be appreciated.....your site is the first one to give me hope finding a bag I love. Thank you."

So we began chatting about "Finding a Bag you Love"

We worked through the sizing... a Panther Deluxe, the interior...a padded compartment for the laptop, and strap.... a padded version.

Then onto the design. She wanted a peace motif but nothing too overpowering, something subtle and timeless. We narrowed it down to an embroidered patch on the front flap, and then added matching patches on the side pockets. I did a few mockups with circles cut out of paper and laid on the parts of an existing bag so we could get a sense of scale.
We came up with a 4" patch on the flap and two 3.5" patches on the pockets. Her favorite color is lavender so that's what color she picked for the peace signs.
Inside, I did the laptop compartment in purple so she would have a flash of color when opening the bag.

She now has the bag in her possession and sent along her comments:

"Thank you so much Karen! I received it yesterday and love it! It's beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for that special bag :)) Linda "



  1. That bag looks awesome, and so functional! A perfect combination!

  2. i love the peace sign!

    i am having a thomas paul tote GIVE-A-WAY on my site, you should enter! Let your readers know too!


  3. Great job on the bag - looks like a fun project.