The new Koala padded camera camcorder shoulder bag

Before Christmas I was asked to do a custom order that turned into this new style. The customer wanted a padded shoulder bag for her daughter to carry her camcorder. I took The Otter, did a little remodeling and created The Koala.

I turned The Otter on its side, so it was taller rather than wide, stripped it of all the extra pockets except one inside slip pocket, and made it deeper.
It's 7.5" tall, 6.5" wide and 3.75" deep

I added padding to the front, back, bottom and sides to protect the contents.
It turned out to be nice looking bag, so it' s officially part of the line as of today!
Find it in my shop, or as usual, contact me for a custom order.

Karen 1/20/10

Here's the custom order. I thought it turned out pretty amazing!

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  1. That is beyond awesome!! That fabric is so unique.