Update on the Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. I am loving reading the comments you are leaving. Of course I can't respond within the comment section or I would be entering myself into the giveaway! But be assured I am reading every one before I publish it.
I would encourage you to stop back and see what others are posting. The favorite quote or saying comments are the best! They are really interesting.
I am also enjoying your comments about which products, and fabrics you like, as well as which photo albums are your favorites.
Your suggestions about possible products to add to my line are providing me with valuable information.
It's surprising to see what movies and books are your favorites. Some seem to show up more than once.
Finally, if you haven't seen your entry(s) show up you might want to read my post again telling you the one step that is required in order to enter.
One more thing, if you post twice about two things you love in the same category, only one will be published :-)
thanks again and I hope you are having fun participating. I am having a blast reading!



  1. am a facebook fan!

    carolquade vidaurre

  2. love the sugar skulls. if i buy this one i can't deny my boys things with skulls on it any longer:)