A Frida Kahlo Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag and its happy owner!

Hsiao-Min contacted me with a request. She wanted a Frida Kahlo messenger bag. I didn't have enough fabric so we ordered a nice big piece to give us plenty to work with.
The Frida motif is quite large but we situated her low enough on the flap so she would still be visible when the bag was full.

We put a different scene, with her, on the back panel.

On the side pockets I gave Hsiao-Min some options, and she picked the two she liked the best.

She wanted to be able to remove the strap in order to wash the bag, and, she added a removable shoulder protector as well. I have been wanting to add this shoulder protector to the options in the shop so this gave me an opportunity to make one and get a couple of photographs. I will add it as soon as I can!

She saw the Little Red Riding Hood print in my shop and asked to have a custom sized Raven made as well. She especially liked the Granny in bed scene (who doesn't, it's amazing!) so I made sure that was on one side, with Little Red and the Wolf on the other.

She stopped by my Facebook fanpage and left this message:

"Hey! I finally got my bags today! They are just beautiful! I was thinking the bag may be too big ( when I saw your pictures on the website.) When I got it, it is just beautiful and it's in perfect size for petite me : ) And the fabric is awesome comfortable! The little zip bag just so cute! I also got the rest of fabric! You are very kind. I can save them for my next Zoe order!

Thank you again!
Hsiao-Min "

Finally, she stopped by Facebook again, and posted this photograph !

With this report!

"Here is the pic! I just got back from all day work with your bag! Everyone loves it! I love it, too: ) Thank you Karen!"


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