A new size Tootsie and a new color for my adjustable straps

Premiering a new bag on the blog this morning!

I am working on a new bag for one of my regular customers. She wanted a larger version of the Tootsie. In order to try out the pattern I made this bag. I love it!

This print is gorgeous but after I had it in my hands I couldn't find the right way to use it. The motifs are kinda big and spread out over the fabric. I finally decided it would be a great large Tallullah and had it cut out ready to make, before Christmas. Bingo, convert it to the large Tootsie and wow!

I got some olive colored webbing in stock also, and it goes so nicely with the colors in the print I thought I'd make the first large Tootsie with an adjustable strap so I could try it out. Oh, due to its larger size I thought a key clip would be a good addition to the inside as well. What do you think?

It's a one of a kind bag. I won't be a making another Tootsie, of either size, in this print. Find it in my shop by clicking here!


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