Custom Falcon Mini Messenger Bag with three removable flaps

I worked with this customer to create the exact parts and pieces she wanted for her bag.
We started with a Morphin Falcon. However, on one side pocket we put a zipper closure, the other we did as an open top, mesh pocket.

What did she say?

"I got the bag on Saturday. It is perfect!! It fits my EEEpc in the back slot perfectly somehow, as does the mesh fit my other gadget. Amazing!!! I gave you a shoutout in my blog (http://bakayal.livejournal.com), not many people read it, but I bought a bag before from somewhere else and they apparently bought a bag based on my review so there ya go ;) I'm loving the flaps. I put some of my button pins all over the strap and it's really cool now!! "
Stacia 4/19/09

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