Japanese Robot Man Bag!

I worked with a neighbor to create this great bag. He liked this fabric, an out of print Japanese import. Who wouldn't??
An Associate Professor, his current bag was showing the wear and tear of carrying books.
He decided on a Zelda Deluxe, which allowed for more usage of the robot fabric on the side pockets, and added a padded shoulder strap.
I began with the Zelda Deluxe style, but due to his request for a beefier design, I used the construction of the Shark, which has a heavier lining, taped seams, and a taped flap edge.
I added to that by using a ballistic nylon ( this is the fabric used to make bullet proof vests!) for the inner sides, and added a strip of the ballistics to bottom of the front and back interior panels.
The finishing touch, was the glow in the dark buckles. These are awesome! I only have a few and this is the first time I have used them. When the light in the sewing room was out I couldn't believe how bright they glowed. I must make some more bags using these great buckles, sure to get attention when you are out at night!


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