Customer returns for 2nd custom order!

One of my customers, living in Hawaii, ordered a custom bag that I wrote about in a previous post.
She sent me more fabric, one piece to make a diaper bag for a friend, and the other, a square of stunning Echino fabric.
She thought perhaps a flap for a Morphin bag. But I suggested we utilize the shape and go with a slightly altered version of a Honeysuckle Tote. She wanted the body to be red, no problem I have a bright and beautiful red cordura on hand. The resulting bag was eyecatching, as was the Layla Diaper bag, which has an internal divider, padded shoulder strap, outer zippered pocket..the works.
She tells me:

"Hej Karen.

No more Aloha for me. I just moved from Hawaii to Sweden, hence the late reply.
The bags arrived and were more than I expected as usual. My friend -who got the diaper bag- was really pleased with the bag and it works great for her.
I am super happy with my bag. You cannot believe how many people who have come up to me and asked me where I bought it. It looks very unique, and it was the absolute best way to use the fabulous echino fabric. I love the shape of the bag and it looks really small, but it holds my computer a couple of books and even a set of training clothes and it still doesn't look to full. It is like a magic bag.
I will send you some pics with the bags in action later.
I hope you ship internationally otherwise you will have to make an exception for me.




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