Messenger Bag with a Padded Compartment for a Netbook

It was time! An Australian customer wanted to get a messenger bag with the derby girl fabric. However she wanted to carry her Acer Aspire in it and the Zeldina was too small and the Zelda too large.

So I expanded the Zeldina by an inch in every direction,making it 9" tall, 12" wide and 4" deep, added an extra pocket on the inside back, and padded it. The customer has a case for her Aspire so she didn't need it. but I thought others might like having a built in pocket, into which they can slide their Netbook.

I can also make the same bag without the padding. It turned out quite nice I think. Named the Hawk, you can find it in my shop. Custom orders welcome as always. Oh one more thing, yes it can be made in the Morphin style. So if you want to change the look of your bag on a regular basis, you only have to buy a few flaps, not a few bags!

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