A Testimonial for Zoe Designs Ltd Bags

I was touched that a regular customer took the time to relate this story, and offer kudos for my bags.

So I am a huge fan.... and I love my bag, but today it loved me back. I dropped my car off with a mechanic this morning and then walked a mile through a fairly affluent neighborhood to my favorite bookstore to spend the afternoon reading. In my bag I had a school book and a "for fun" book, my iPod, my knitting (expensive yarn) my wallet and various other things. Around 4 in the afternoon my car was ready so I started to walk back. Halfway there a kid (maybe 16 years old) came up behind me and grabbed the strap of my bag. I kept my hand firmly around the strap. I tugged and he tugged and I hit him and tugged back. I hadn't closed the bag all the way, so he reached inside, grabbed my wallet and ran off. But my books and my iPod and my knitting and everything else was safe.
The strap held - isn't even damaged. If I had closed the other side of the bag he wouldn't have gotten anything.

For the record, I don't recommend fighting back... but this time it was all ok.
Thank you for making such a sturdy bag.


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