Honeysuckle Tote -Art Nouveau Butterflies and Iris

I have mentioned before, I start quite a few projects only to put them aside while I work on a custom order. Eventually I go back to finish them and am always so pleased when I do.
They tend to be made with fabrics I really like and I have been waiting a long time to turn them into the perfect bag to show them off. Then they get partially constructed and again, put aside.
That happened with some Honeysuckle Totes I had in motion. I am working on a large custom order that includes all sizes of the totes. So when I worked on each size I added a few for inventory.
Slowly they are reaching completion.
Here's one of the mediums. It's an Art Nouveau design, with butterflies and iris. There is something about this print that caught my eye long ago, when shopping for fabric on line. I kept thinking about it and finally went back to see if it was still available. Yeah it was.
How many times has that happened to you? Usually, when you go back, it's long gone!!
Find it right here

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