Peace Sign Laptop case or Messenger Bag?

Just got this print in. Haven't made anything with it yet. I will probably keep it for custom orders. I don't have a lot so if you love it contact me to place your order. I am thinking it would be great for a Peace Sign Messenger Bag or a Peace Sign Laptop Case, among many other choices! Click on the links to see the choices you have for messenger bags and laptop cases.
Drop me a line and claim your peace! service@zoesbagboutique.com


I just got three brand new, gorgeous batik peace sign fabrics in stock. I will be making messenger bags and laptop cases with them. I will also be doing a new blog post. But I know many people are coming to this post looking for peace sign messenger bags and laptop cases.
Here are the new prints. Most bags will be made to order so please feel free to contact me to order yours! If you take a look around my shop you will see the many styles available.
Thanks Karen

Click contact at the top of every page in my shop to order your custom made peace sign messenger bag



  1. how much will the bag be? i think its a great time to have a bag like this out since we need more peace in this world especially with our troops in iraq...

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  2. You can see the various sizes in my shop by clicking on this link!