New Product, a simple Checkbook cover

I've had so many requests for this product that I knew it was time to add it to my line!


Day of the Dead

One of my most popular themes is the amazing Day of the Dead prints. I sell Zoe bags in this fabric year round. No wonder, they are great fabrics!


Two New Tallullahs

Just finished today. I especially love the Asian cranes bag, it's quite elegant.


My hats are selling at Goldie's

I sell the majority of my hats at a local store called Goldie's. I've had a run on them in the last few weeks. A new sales person, Glenda, seems to have a touch for selling The Merry Milliner's wares!
These all went to new heads in the last few weeks!


Skull Spiral Messenger Bag

I made only one of these bags. It went to a student in England studying bone. I like most of the products I make even if they aren't "my taste" but this bag is one of my all time favorites!~


Otis The Border Collie

Many of my customers buy border collie products from me. Here's a custom bag I just made for one of them. She sent me a "baby" picture of her border collie, Otis. Doesn't get much cuter that this!


Pin-Ups..... Custom order # 3

One of my customers found the pin up prints she wanted and we worked together via e-mail to design each of these bags!


Owl Bag number Two!

That same collector loves this fabric so much that she commissioned a second bag before the first was finished! What fun! This time it was a Tallullah, again with that added zippered to keep the contents safe.

Britta's Survival Bag...A custom order

An owl collector in Berlin commissioned a "Survival Bag" using an owl print that I found just for her. This bag is a Zelda Deluxe designed with a zippered closure to help make it "pick pocket" proof. It's now residing in Berlin and taking trips on the S-Bahn. I love the idea of a bag I designed being carried around the streets of a major European city! Sorry folks it's a one of a kind I won't make another one like it. That's what makes it so special to a collector!


Peace Messenger Bags Rock

This is one of the most popular fabrics I work with right now. Zip bags and messenger bags sell every time I make them. This is a custom order bag, sold before I even made it!

Updated July 22/09
I know many people are looking for a Peace Sign Messenger Bag, or Laptop Case.
I just got three brand new, gorgeous batik peace sign fabrics in stock. I will be making messenger bags and laptop cases with them.
Most bags will be made to order so please feel free to contact me to order yours! If you take a look around my shop you will see the many styles available. They will also be great as removable flaps for my Morphin Bags!
Thanks Karen