Cyber Monday Specials at Zoe's Bag Boutique

I have a variety of specials, and a giveaway, planned for Cyber Monday for my newsletter subscribers. If you'd like to take advantage of the specials, just fill out the form to the right of the blog, or at the bottom of every page in my shop.


Simple Beauty, birds and flowers, Tootsie Purse, with zipper closure

This style purse is popular due to the zipper closure which provides protection for the contents.
I used a Japanese import fabric for the front, overlaid it on a brown body and finished it with a green gimp braid. It has a lovely, muted, yet eye catching look. I am very pleased with this one!
Only one of these available. You can find it in my shop by clicking here


Vegas Pinups, WInter scene, Shopping Fairy, Lounge Lizards, Martinis & French Kitchens Pickford Purses

I designed the Pickford to provide a useful, but lower price, option for my customers. You might find a fabric appealing, but maybe don't want to buy a full sized purse .

Since I often use some pretty quirky prints for the Pickfords, I think the simple design allows you to indulge without investing too much money in a purse you might not use everyday!

Find the Pickfords by clicking here~

Julia's trip to Kyoto Japan

Julia, one of my Canadian customers, promised to send photographs of her custom made Breazy taken during her trip to Kyoto Japan.
I'm delighted to share them with you today!

Thanks Julia!

The bag is propped on a railing looking towards one of the buildings of Kiyomizu-dera, the "Temple of Clear Water" in eastern Kyoto.

Here's a photo taken from the building in the background of the picture featuring the Breazy. It shows the main hall of Kiyomizu-dera (on whose railing the iPod bag was perched).


Another custom bag for a birthday gift!

This customer found a spectacular hydrangea print, and wanted a Tootsie with matching Raven coin purse as a gift for her mother's birthday.
Her mom's favorite color is purple and the fabric I had on hand went beautifully with the print, plus the braid was a perfect match too.
She preferred the over the shoulder strap to the double handle version.



Custom ordered Tallullah Purse

One of my regular customers ordered this purse as a gift for her mother's birthday. Once more you can see how the creativity and vision of my customers bring these custom orders to life. She selected the fabric from my fabric options and thought it would work well as a Tallullah. Boy was she right, it fit the size and shape of the bag to perfection.
She was able to give her mother, not only a one of a kind bag, but one she designed herself!



Alice in Wonderland bags now available

I found this great fabric with Alice in Wonderland motifs. It's a Japanese print, I found it in a store located in England, so it has done a lot of traveling already. I thought it would be great as a Tallullah, but right now I've got a Scooter zip bag made, in stock, and a Pickford in motion. With Tim Burton's movie due to be released next year seemed wise to look for a fabric with this popular theme.


New fabrics to share. Sharks, flowers, Asian, dressy, a nice assortment!

Dressy Blue Triangles

Opulent Poppies

Japanese Cloud Garden

Butterfly Bliss

Dressy purple triangles

Opulent Squares

Luscious Asian Blossoms

Flower Garden


The title says it all. I have been picking up some new fabrics over the last few weeks. Some have already become bags, or Morphin flaps, but others are uncut, waiting to catch your eye.


Asian Butterfly Garden Falcon Mini Messenger Bag

This one of a kind Falcon is beautifully understated. Lots of colors, but not overpowering, you can use it in winter or summer. The organizing features of the Falcon are popular with those on the quest for the perfect smaller bag.

Find this bag in my shop


Robots on Red Tallullah Purse

The latest one of a kind Tallullah for those of you who like the unusual. These robots are really great!

Find it in my shop.


Slider Shoe or Lingerie Bags

This is a handy item I designed a few years ago. I sold all that I made before I ever opened my own shop. So I thought it was time I made some more. The Slider "department" is there, but it 's been empty. Poor department!
They are great for carrying shoes, but also, work for lingerie too. If you are familiar with my bags you will understand how well my lining would work in this application.
Shoes slide in and out with ease. Plus a damp sponge will wipe away any dirt they leave behind.
Also perfect if you live where you have to go to work in boots and change into shoes upon arrival.

The Slider's can be found in my shop here