Custom Morphin Zelda Messenger Bag and nice comments from its owner!

I did this custom Morphin Zelda last week. Great selection of fabrics for the flaps don't you think?
Today I received some nice words from the customer.

"Dear Karen,

I received my bag and flaps yesterday at work. I am so pleased with my bag. I switched all my
stuff into it today and love it! I started with the Monster flap - it's so fun!  The quality of
workmanship is great and the materials seem like they will last for quite awhile.

Thank you again for your fast and superb service!


Susan "



Rasta or African Mini Messenger Bag

 I found this incredible fabric, made in Africa, using the wax print method. I love the people, and of course it's the Rasta colors, red, green and yellow. 
I couldn't wait to make a messenger bag to see how the motif would work.
Here is a Zeldina, my mini messenger bag. I think it works just great, don't you?
Find it in the shop here
I can make just about any of my bags using this fabric so please feel free to ask for a custom order.


Tarot Card Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

As regular readers know, I look for the unusual. I found this tarot card fabric and thought it fit the bill. The art work is beautiful. It's rare, I would doubt you'll find a bag made from it anywhere else.
You can find this beauty in my shop here

The inner pockets have plenty of room for a deck or two!


More new peace sign fabrics for messenger bags and laptop cases

I continue to find more peace sign prints. I am guessing I have the best selection on the web, no contest!

See them all here

Here are some of the new prints

 Peace Sign Swirl

Big and Little Peace Signs Summer

Big and Little Peace Signs Summer

 Big and Little Peace Signs Earth


Ghastlie Night the dinner scene, Tallullah Purse

Last year The Ghastlie Haunted House print was introduced and received a great reception. A new print, in the same line is now available. Called Ghastlie Night, it takes us inside the house to see the family!
It's wonderful, as you can see here, in the dinner scene, which fits the Tallullah purse so perfectly it looks like it was made for it.

Find the purse in my shop here


Mahjong coin purses and zipper bags in two prints

I am thrilled to find more mahjong fabric. I had some a few years ago, but it has become difficult to find. Then, suddenly, I found two within the last couple of weeks.

I made coin purses and zip bags, but will be adding other products in these prints over the next few weeks. And, as always, I would be delighted to do a custom order so please ask

I have to admit I know nothing about the game, but the tiles are intriguing. To learn more, there is a detailed description on Wikipedia

Please click on the pictures to go to the product in the shop
Here are the coin purses

and the Scooter zippered bags


Now accepting Mastercard and Visa! Celebrating with Free Shipping!!!

Yup that's right, I can now accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards. I also added Google checkout to the shop a while ago, so customers have many more options for payment.
It's something I have wanted to do for a long time, but never found the right solution.
Not only will you have these options during checkout, but I can accept any of these payment methods for custom work as well.
In celebration of this momentous event (at least it is in the life of my shop!) it's free shipping until Monday, June 13th. Use the coupon code: credit during checkout!


Large Tootsie purse number 2....Kaleidoscope tile


Another larger scale print that took some consideration before using. I thought this print would be wonderful on a messenger bag, but when it arrived I wasn't sure it would work. But when I set out to make some Tootsies, I knew I had a winner!

I wish I could show the beauty of this fabric in the photographs. It's amazing!


I used the print on the front and back, and made it with black cotton handles

Solid black bottom

 2 zipper pulls

Find this one of a kind bag in my shop here


A new selection of Large Tootsie Purses, first... koi collage


On my never ending quest to add more inventory to the shop, I finished 3 new large Tootsie purses in the last week.

This is the first one, Koi Collage. When I got this fabric I knew it needed to be used on a fairly large bag. I set it aside until I could decide how to use it. The large Tootsie seemed perfect. Not too small, not too big, just right!

It's gorgeous, the colors seem to glow, they are so rich.
You can find this one of a kind beauty in the shop here

I made this purse with an adjustable shoulder strap, and a solid black back, and bottom