Exotic Garden Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag-Spectacular!

I am in love with this fabric. The colors are great, but the motif is so unusual. The bird, well the bird, look at it! Gorgeous!
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Custom Peace Sign Messenger Bag

A customer ordered this peace sign Lynx Deluxe as a birthday gift for her niece. She was kind enough to send this wonderful photograph of the recipient. Isn't it a great shot? You can find peace sign messenger bags and fabric options in my shop by clicking here


Nina's Hillside Garden in Kimberley, British Columbia

This place is incredible! My second visit and still so much to see. If you are ever in the Kimberley area, during the summer, stop by for lunch. It's at the top of a hillside, and all the way up are these amazing little buildings, surrounded by beautiful flowers. Gorgeous. My mother and I took the opportunity to showcase our wallets on strings. LOL!


Custom order wallets on strings!

I blogged about a part of this order but it's great to see everything together. Doc, one of my regular customers, ordered a variety of wallets on strings to give as gifts. She has purchased a lot of my products as gifts, but she has found this product works great for her own needs too. She sent along a couple of photographs of her wallet in action!

You can find wallets on strings in my shop by clicking here


I'm Baack!

I am back from my vacation and hard at work building new inventory and filling custom orders.
I have a large batch of wallets on strings in motion, a few new Lynx and Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bags to share, and plans for some Britta Totes in fantastic new prints. Stay tuned as I will be blogging about them as they progress.
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Regina's Morphin Falcon at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Background info in Regina's own words!

Neptune's head and the adjacent beach/boardwalk served as a backdrop for another attempt at a photo of my Falcon with the flamingo flap. Virginia Beach boardwalk


Neptune on the Virginia Beach boardwalk
"We also spent a few days in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. Unfortunately, My camera card had major hiccups, and I lost most of the photos I took in Norfolk of the naval shipyard and the photos I took of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (http://www.cbbt.com/). I thought the sculpture of Neptune on the Virginia Beach boardwalk was interesting, even if he was surrounded by vendors for a street party" Regina


Nicole in her prom dress, with matching Bebe purse!

 Nicole had her prom dress altered. She sent me the pieces that were cut out and wondered if I could make a purse to match. No problem. I made a Bebe, one of her favorite styles.
Doesn't she look gorgeous?                       


Vacation Time!

I will be taking off some time, starting next week. The shop will still be open for purchases but shipping will be delayed.You will still be able to snag that one of a kind bag you have been coveting, before someone else gets it, although you will have to wait to receive it. LOL!

I will stop shipping on July 13th, and begin again on July 22nd.

Feel free to drop me a note if you have questions, or inquiries about a custom order during that time. I will respond to them on the 22nd also

Thanks to you all for your support, I have the best customers ever!


Regina's Morphin Falcon, with flamingo flap, at Colonial Williamsburg

Regular readers of my blog will know that Regina is sending along photographs she takes during her travels! 

Learn more about Colonial Williamsburg here: http://www.history.org/

 The Governor's Palace (reproduction) 


The Capitol at Colonial Williamsburg 

At the mental hospital in Colonial Williamsburg 

  "One of the more interesting things was the mental hospital; 
patients were actually chained so they wouldn’t escape ... 
thank goodness things have improved as far as health issues/treatment go!" Regina


Turning a patchwork piece supplied by the customer, into a purse

Isn't this gorgeous?  I made a bag for Carol and later she contacted me with a request. Could I make one of my products using this patch work piece she had made? It turned out to be a prefect fit with my Tallullah purse. I added gimp braid at the bottom of the patchwork to give it that final touch. Carol sent along this photograph. Good thing, because I forgot to take one!


New fabric options: Asian Cranes on Gold, Dog Paws on Black, Art Deco Coffee

Super cute dog paw prints on black

Simply spectacular! Asian cranes on gold

I've been thinking about getting a coffee themed print for quite awhile. I saw this and knew it was "the one". Isn't it great? Love the colors and the graphics are wonderful


Japanese Village Falcon Mini Messenger Bag

Like the majority of my messenger bags, this is a one of a kind. I thought the print was unusual, interesting and low key. I decided to get some gray "body" fabric because of this print, along with a few others. It creates a really nice effect. I am very fond of it :-)

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Japanese Village Falcon Mini Messenger Bag