Jeannie and her Mistee IPhone Purse

Jeannie has a Breazy , was thinking about getting a Mistee and then she saw this fabric and knew it was for her.
She posted this great photograph of herself on my Facebook page

and added this feedback

Here's a happy me with my new Mistee in that amazing new fabric! Thank you so much!! I love it! :D 4/12/10


New Padded Camera Cases for small digitals-The ABC in mushrooms, tattoos, batiks and cherry blossoms

I am continuing to work on making new inventory for the shop. The ABC padded camera case had only a couple left in stock. With the summer travel season ahead I thought I'd add some variety in the fabric options. Here's the first 4, I still have a few more in the "pipeline"
You can find them in my shop by clicking here

Anime or Manga? Alexander Henry Dragon Princess Tootsie Purse

This Alexander Henry fabric is out of print and tough to find. I scored some last year and have been waiting to make a purse with it till I had a little time. Enough waiting, here it is. Gorgeous! I love it.
You can find it in my shop by clicking here

Indian Scroll Zelda Messenger Bag-muted, classy and gorgeous!

I made this flap a few weeks ago, in a batch of three new Zelda's I put in motion. I knew it would be great, but it is more that that. The gold accents, along with the symmetry of the print make it a real eye catcher.
Find it in my shop by clicking here

More New fabrics, 3 batiks- blue and green birds in trees, pink and orange butterflies, purple waterfall, plus black & white & red & white summer

Blue and green birds batik. A gorgeous three layer batik, see the flowers inside the bird shapes?

Purple Waterfalls batik

Pink and orange butterflies batik

Black and white summer. A home decor fabric, so a little heavier than my usual prints

Red and white summer. A home decor fabric, so a little heavier than my usual prints


Britta the Flap Queen and "decisions, decisions, decisions"

Regular readers will recognize Britta right away. She found me on eBay years ago, and began buying, and then custom ordering, bags with owls. An avid collector, she has 1000's of owl related items (I've seen pics of them, it's amazing!)

We became fast friends and often chat, via email, about our lives. A few years ago she asked me about making a bag with a removable flap. I was surprised, because I had been thinking about such a design for a while. I told her I didn't think it was possible, I couldn't come up with a good way to make such a bag. She didn't stop though, she asked again later. Then it came to me, the exact way to make such a product and so I moved ahead and created the Morphin Zeldina.

However Britta wanted a Tootsie with a flap. OK, I designed one, just for her. I have never offered it for sale. Since it was right at the beginning of the design "naming" process we each came up with Chameleon. We both thought it was the perfect name, until I found it was in use by someone else. I moved on to Morphin, but Britta claimed the Chameleon name for her own bag.
After the body was made, she ordered flaps from most of the owl fabrics I had on hand. Then she moved on to other bag designs, some not even owl related!

But this year she returned to her Chameleon again and decided to start collecting flaps. Every time she came by the shop she saw another print she loved. The result is, she has, at last count 23 flaps!
I have named her, rightfully so, The Flap Queen :-)

I just made her another Chameleon, in navy, plus some new flaps to match.

She sent me these fantastic pictures. The first shows the dilemma faced by having so many flaps from which to choose. Then, in the second shot, she learned that if you are wearing a sweater the flaps serve as a bib as well!


A new customer, two orders, kind words and pics!

I think the words and pictures say it all without any commentary from me, except, thanks Toni!

"First of all I want to give you a great big thanks! I stumbled across your items quite by accident and I am sure glad I did. I received my order today and I am so happy with them. I am a first time buyer and for my first order I ordered a Morphin Body, two flaps, a wallet on a string, and a scooter zippered bag. I love them all so much, they are so beautiful and the craftsmanship is wonderful. I am so happy with my order and plan to order more very soon. I am glad I found you and look forward to ordering more. Thank you again!

Toni" 3/18/10


I just wanted to send another great big Thank You for my second order. It is all beautiful and wonderfully made. I am a huge fan of your work. I will be ordering more. This time I ordered 2 more flaps for my Zelda, 2 Breazy i-phone purses, another scooter zippered bag, and a Tarquin padded case. I love them all so much! I have gotten so many compliments on them. I also have probably never been this organized ever, but I love that I am now. Thank you again.

Please feel free to use my comments and/or pictures on your web site. Thanks so much!

Toni" 4/2/10


The Ferret a mini Hipster bag for your iPhone, iTouch and other electronics

This is a shoulder bag version of the Mistee. Same size and features, a front zippered pocket and an internal divider, but instead of a d ring there is a cord strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or across your body.
Find the Ferret in my shop here


Regina's Morphin Sock Monkey Falcon and Breazy with her Sock Monkey collection!

How fun is this pic? I love the relaxed pose of the guy on the right!

Michelle's Morphin Bags and her dogs= total cuteness

Michelle has a dog walking/petsitting business, called Pawcific Northwest Pet sitting and,

is an amazing dog portrait artist as well.


She was one of my first customers to buy a Morphin bag. She ordered a Morphin Zelda Deluxe and a Morphin Zeldina, later buying a Morphin Zeldina for her mom

Recently she asked me to make her a Doggie Diner flap for her "work" Zeldina,

and also ordered a Morphin Falcon for personal use.

Her Morphin Zelda Deluxe had a print on the side pockets and she asked me to make the side pockets on her Morphin Falcon in blue.

She did a really wonderful blog post about the bags, and included some great pics, which I am sharing with you here.


Abby and her Morphin Zelda in Milan in front of the Duomo (Cathedral)

Yup, here's another great pic from Abby over in Europe! Wow!!!!

Custom Order ABC Camera Bag

This is a custom ordered ABC camera bag I made earlier this year. Tricia asked me to size down the standard model a little. Here's what she said after receiving it.

"Hi Karen-
I received my camera bag yesterday. It is beautiful. Your workmanship is flawless. Thanks for sizing it down....there is still room for whatever else I may need to carry. It should be perfect for the camera, ID and a little cash whenever I am out and about.

I will not hesitate to come back to you when looking for any other bags!
Thanks again-
Tricia" 1/22/10



New Fabrics, birdcages,cats at the beach,exotic flowers barkcloth, pirate monkeys and unicorns


Cats at the beach

Exotic flowers barkcloth

Pirate monkeys

Fantasy in Blue

Joyce and Ada with their Morphin Bags

There's a great story to go with this photograph. Joyce bought a Morphin Zeldina from me a while ago. She contacted me earlier this year, amazingly enough, about a week later than another regular customer asking the same thing. Could she get a slightly larger Morphin Zeldina on which she could use her standard Zeldina flaps?

I had planned on adding the new style to the shop, and blogging about it using this great pic. However I just haven't had time to add it to the shop.

Here's what happened, I did the new design, it is taller and has a few extra features. It will still be able to use the regular Zeldina flaps. Joyce loved hers and when her grand daughter, Ada, saw the new bag she instantly claimed the old bag!

Joyce sent along this photograph to share with you. Isn't it great? Plus anyone who has dogs knows they have to get in on the action!

What she said after the bag arrived
"Hi Karen,
The bag arrived today and it is absolutely perfect! I LOVE It! The size, the pockets, everything is even better than I could have imagined. All my new gear fits perfectly. My granddaughter has already claimed my old bag so I will have to put her in some flaps. You really are the best and I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into this bag. I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much, Joyce" 3/15/10



Thanks to you I have a great new page in my shop!

To whom do I speak? All of you who have been so wonderful to send me photographs of yourself with your Zoe Designs bag.

Some of my potential customers like to see a picture of a person with a bag to give themselves a sense of scale. Late last week I realized I had enough pictures of my customers, with the varied styles, that I could, finally, create a bag sizing page. This will provide customers with another way to decide which bag size, or style, they should select.

I am still missing a couple of styles, most notable is The Britta Tote and the Sweet Pea Mini Wallet. If you have one of those styles and would like to help me round out the bag sizing page I would be extremely grateful!

Thanks again, I have the best customers ever!!


Deb's Surfer Girl Morphin Zeldina and wallet on a string, went surfing in Argentina

Deb was going on a surfing trip to Argentina and had me make her a Morphin Zeldina with a Surfer girl flap and a matching wallet on a string. She was kind enough to send along a couple of pics from the trip too!