A Frida Kahlo Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag and its happy owner!

Hsiao-Min contacted me with a request. She wanted a Frida Kahlo messenger bag. I didn't have enough fabric so we ordered a nice big piece to give us plenty to work with.
The Frida motif is quite large but we situated her low enough on the flap so she would still be visible when the bag was full.

We put a different scene, with her, on the back panel.

On the side pockets I gave Hsiao-Min some options, and she picked the two she liked the best.

She wanted to be able to remove the strap in order to wash the bag, and, she added a removable shoulder protector as well. I have been wanting to add this shoulder protector to the options in the shop so this gave me an opportunity to make one and get a couple of photographs. I will add it as soon as I can!

She saw the Little Red Riding Hood print in my shop and asked to have a custom sized Raven made as well. She especially liked the Granny in bed scene (who doesn't, it's amazing!) so I made sure that was on one side, with Little Red and the Wolf on the other.

She stopped by my Facebook fanpage and left this message:

"Hey! I finally got my bags today! They are just beautiful! I was thinking the bag may be too big ( when I saw your pictures on the website.) When I got it, it is just beautiful and it's in perfect size for petite me : ) And the fabric is awesome comfortable! The little zip bag just so cute! I also got the rest of fabric! You are very kind. I can save them for my next Zoe order!

Thank you again!
Hsiao-Min "

Finally, she stopped by Facebook again, and posted this photograph !

With this report!

"Here is the pic! I just got back from all day work with your bag! Everyone loves it! I love it, too: ) Thank you Karen!"



Custom Breazy iPhone Purses

This is one of the orders I did before Christmas. Since they were intended as gifts I had to wait until I knew the recipients had their gifts before sharing them with you. I have a few others that I will blog about soon.
Dotty sent me her own fabric, and ordered Breazy iPhone purses, with the Strappy, a removable wristlet strap, for her daughters.

An e-mail from her :
"Dear Karen,
I wanted to write and tell you how much my college-age daughters LOVE their Breazy purses! On Christmas they immediately emptied their old purses and filled their new ones. "Everything fits perfectly!" they said, especially their phones (not iPhones but similar size). So thank you--again--for creating such wonderful bags (that makes 4 I have ordered now!) and for being so willing to work with me to make each one in just the fabric I want. Hurray!! You are the best!
warmly, Dotty"


More Giveaway winners and their choices

The winner of the $100 certificate is browsing fabric options and trying to select the one she loves best! She's having a hard time picking just one LOL!

Jennifer K

won the $25 gift certificate
She selected two Tarquins. Padded cases for small electronics

Becky M
Selected a guitar wave Raven Coin Purse

Amanda L
Selected a sock monkey family portrait Scooter Zip Bag



Some Giveaway winners and their goodies!

So far all but 2 winners have come forward. The rules stated winners will have 3 days to respond to my email notification that they won. If they don't respond I will select a new winner. That means two new winners will be selected today, one for a Raven coin purse, and one for a Scooter zip bag!

Here's a list of some winners and what they picked!

Cheryl F

A lucky Kitty, Maneki Neko, Scooter Zip Bag

Jessica P

Critters and Creatures Scooter Zip Bag

Tiina H
Sandy H

both selected a
Blue Butterflies Raven Coin Purse

Giovanna K
A dragonfly mosaic Raven Coin Purse

Nina O
Winner of one of the $15 gift certificates will be ordering a custom bag and using the certificate to offset the cost of that purchase.



Giveaway winners have been selected!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway!
It's been a delight reading your comments. I've had fun learning which products you like, which are your favorite movies, books and quotes.
All the winners in the giveaway have been notified. One person didn't provide a way to be contacted, so I sent a message via Twitter. Others only had a link to their blogs, so I sent a message via the email address there. I would encourage you to check your spam filters to make sure my email to you isn't stuck!
Those who have been notified have 3 days to contact me, if they don't do so in that time frame, I will pick a replacement winner.
My email program is doing a lot of binging right now so I believe I am getting some answers.
I'll be back with names of the winners and the items they selected to share with you over the next week or so.
Thanks again, you guys are the best!


The new Koala padded camera camcorder shoulder bag

Before Christmas I was asked to do a custom order that turned into this new style. The customer wanted a padded shoulder bag for her daughter to carry her camcorder. I took The Otter, did a little remodeling and created The Koala.

I turned The Otter on its side, so it was taller rather than wide, stripped it of all the extra pockets except one inside slip pocket, and made it deeper.
It's 7.5" tall, 6.5" wide and 3.75" deep

I added padding to the front, back, bottom and sides to protect the contents.
It turned out to be nice looking bag, so it' s officially part of the line as of today!
Find it in my shop, or as usual, contact me for a custom order.

Karen 1/20/10

Here's the custom order. I thought it turned out pretty amazing!


Cute pet of the week! Introducing Millie

Tish sent along this pic of her new family addition, Millie. Adopted from the local humane society, Milly joins two other furry boys in Tish's family.


Tiina and her perfect bag, a Morphin Lynx Deluxe, in Toronto

Thanks to Tiina for sending this awesome photograph of herself, with Toronto's CN Tower in the background as a landmark! If you've been reading the comments/entries in the giveaway you'll know that the Galleries with pics of customers and their bags are very popular. I encourage everyone to send along their pics. Not only are they enjoyable, but they also help possible customers immensely when deciding on the size bag they need.


Another search for the perfect bag ended in my shop! Koi and fans Morphin Lynx Deluxe

In November I was contacted by Tiina, who like so many of you, was in search of the perfect bag!
She loved the koi with fans print and and ordered a Lynx Deluxe with a padded shoulder strap and an exterior zippered pocket. Then, she found the Morphin line! She loved the idea of the changeable flaps so she ordered that, with all the same features, except she wanted the side release buckles instead of my standard, plus an extra flap. The bag turned out to be her Christmas gift and she had to wait till the actual day before she could open it! Here's what she said:

"Hi Karen!

I hope you had a great Christmas. I just wanted to tell you that I FINALLY got to open my present on Christmas Day, and my new bag is AWESOME! The fabric on both flaps is even more gorgeous than I imagined, and I swear that bag can hold everything! I went to my sister in law's yesterday and stuffed in my wallet, makeup bag, cell phone (in the handy side pouch), keys (attached to the MIRACULOUS key ring... I shall never lose my keys in the bottom of a bag again!), Pull-up training pants for my son, a very large sweater, a camera, snacks for the kids, and I still could have fit more! Amazing. And the padded shoulder strap really protects my shoulder from even feeling the weight of all that stuff - so comfy. All those zipper pouches are great too, for my lipsticks and train pass, and anything else I need to put my hands on fast.

THANK YOU for making such a great bag for me. I am looking forward to showing it off when I return to work after the holidays! (and I promise to send a photo of me & my bag soon!)

Take care, and all the best for 2010.

Dec 27/09


Sheep in a Field SueBee Drawstring Bag perfect for sock knitting and general organizing

The Suebee Drawstring Bags are loved by those who own them. A simple design but so versatile.
Great for carrying small knitting projects if you don't want to get the features of the KIPster, which are knitting oriented.
Same size as the KIPster and with a cord lock on the drawstring. Perfect for travel, or to keep precious treasures. Customers tell me they are useful for storage in the bathroom and make a great going out bag too!
The bags with sheep are popular. I have 2 prints but one is almost gone. So I thought it was time to offer the bag in this print, an import from New Zealand.



Anyone interested in bags or Morphin flaps for Valentines Day?

Kissing lips, enough for one smaller sized Morphin flap or other small bag

Tattoo Hearts

Love letters

Do these types of celebrations interest you as far as bags, or flaps, go? I have a few fabrics that would be suitable for Valentine's Day. A couple are in low supply, probably enough for one bag, or flap. The most recent, the tattoo hearts is really great and, as yet, unclaimed. Let me know if you are interested or would like to snag one of these prints for a bag or flap. Valentine's Day is only a little over a month away!


A new size Tootsie and a new color for my adjustable straps

Premiering a new bag on the blog this morning!

I am working on a new bag for one of my regular customers. She wanted a larger version of the Tootsie. In order to try out the pattern I made this bag. I love it!

This print is gorgeous but after I had it in my hands I couldn't find the right way to use it. The motifs are kinda big and spread out over the fabric. I finally decided it would be a great large Tallullah and had it cut out ready to make, before Christmas. Bingo, convert it to the large Tootsie and wow!

I got some olive colored webbing in stock also, and it goes so nicely with the colors in the print I thought I'd make the first large Tootsie with an adjustable strap so I could try it out. Oh, due to its larger size I thought a key clip would be a good addition to the inside as well. What do you think?

It's a one of a kind bag. I won't be a making another Tootsie, of either size, in this print. Find it in my shop by clicking here!



Update on the Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. I am loving reading the comments you are leaving. Of course I can't respond within the comment section or I would be entering myself into the giveaway! But be assured I am reading every one before I publish it.
I would encourage you to stop back and see what others are posting. The favorite quote or saying comments are the best! They are really interesting.
I am also enjoying your comments about which products, and fabrics you like, as well as which photo albums are your favorites.
Your suggestions about possible products to add to my line are providing me with valuable information.
It's surprising to see what movies and books are your favorites. Some seem to show up more than once.
Finally, if you haven't seen your entry(s) show up you might want to read my post again telling you the one step that is required in order to enter.
One more thing, if you post twice about two things you love in the same category, only one will be published :-)
thanks again and I hope you are having fun participating. I am having a blast reading!



Some stellar, and funny, comments about my bags!

I thought these comments, left on my FaceBook Fanpage by Cannibal Crafts , contained not only high praise, but were pretty entertaining too!

Hi! I wanted to say thank you for my Roller Derby Zelda bag! My boyf bought it on etsy for Christmas and well, if I didn't want to marry him I'd already be in Vegas marrying this bag!!! Thank you sssooo much - the craftsmanship is. . . phenomenally stellar! If you'd like to send some business cards to me I'd be mor...e than happy to hand them out when complimented on the bag. It's only been one day and everyone in my office is already jealous! Thanks so much!



A few new fabric options for your perfect bag!

I've started to include a quarter in my fabric pics to help you get a feel for the scale of the motif. I hope it helps!

This hedgehog print is just so cute!

Bright and Boho!

Children around the world

I ran into this print when looking for another. It's the last piece and would make an amazing Tallulluh or Tootsie style bag. Great colors and the images are wonderful!

Karen 1/7/10


In search of the Perfect Bag: MIssion Accomplished

This is a pretty cool story.
In October of 09 Linda contacted me via the shop.
Here's a portion of what she said in that first contact:

"Wow, I love your bags but I have a couple of questions. I have a 15 inch macbook pro and I would like a messenger bag. Are your messenger bags padded at all? ........ I like the peace design, and especially the one on the "peace sign zeldina mini messenger bag" but the zeldina would be much too small. Any help would be appreciated.....your site is the first one to give me hope finding a bag I love. Thank you."

So we began chatting about "Finding a Bag you Love"

We worked through the sizing... a Panther Deluxe, the interior...a padded compartment for the laptop, and strap.... a padded version.

Then onto the design. She wanted a peace motif but nothing too overpowering, something subtle and timeless. We narrowed it down to an embroidered patch on the front flap, and then added matching patches on the side pockets. I did a few mockups with circles cut out of paper and laid on the parts of an existing bag so we could get a sense of scale.
We came up with a 4" patch on the flap and two 3.5" patches on the pockets. Her favorite color is lavender so that's what color she picked for the peace signs.
Inside, I did the laptop compartment in purple so she would have a flash of color when opening the bag.

She now has the bag in her possession and sent along her comments:

"Thank you so much Karen! I received it yesterday and love it! It's beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for that special bag :)) Linda "



A 15 year Celebration Giveaway!!


On January 4th 2010 Zoe Designs celebrated 15 years in business. January 20th marks the 1 year anniversary of my on line shop.
These two anniversaries require a celebration. So I am having a Big Ole Giveaway!


Rather than selecting a product, I thought a $100 gift certificate to my shop might be of interest to you all.
This way you can decide what you want, instead of me. And yes, you can select something custom made, within reason! (Not a totally new product, but certainly an existing product in a fabric you love!)


Then I thought I would add a $25 gift certificate and 2 $15 gift certificates.


Finally I am also including 5 Scooter zip bags and 6 Raven Coin purses, again, your choice.
That makes 15 different things you could win!


What the heck, I will cover the shipping costs. Spend your certificates on my bags, not on shipping!

The Giveaway starts now and ends on January 20th at midnight mountain time.

Please don’t put your contact info in this public post for everyone to see, instead click here. Be assured this info will not be used for anything but an email telling you if you won!

On January 21st I will use random.org to select the 15 winners from the posts below.
The winners will have 3 days to respond to my email notification that they have won. If they don’t respond I will use random.org to select a new winner.

I will post the winners names here and on my FaceBook Fan Page.
After they have chosen their products I will share them with you too!



1) Visit my shop then post below telling me which product you like (Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you are locked in to this product if you win! )

Don't sweat it if your comments aren't visible right away. I'm on spam patrol, so I will be monitoring and allowing posts in order to block out comments with links to viagra and ugg boots sites etc!


Each additional post you make gives you another shot at winning!

2) Post below a fabric you like from my fabric options photo gallery

3) Become a fan on my FaceBook fan page, post here letting me know, or if you are already tell me that!

4) Post your favorite book

5) Blog about this giveaway, post the link here

6) Sign up for my newsletter ( use the box at the upper right of this blog) post here to tell me you did (or if you already do)

7) Post your favorite saying, or quote

8) Get your friend to become a fan on FaceBook, post here telling me their name

9) Suggest a product you would like to see me add to my line

10) Look at the Galleries and post your favorite album, or photograph, here

11) Tweet about this giveaway, post the link here

12) Look at the product album and post one you like

13) Post your favorite movie

14) Follow me on Twitter, post here letting me know

15) RSS this feed, or follow the blog (see box on the right), post here to let me know

Thanks for participating and good luck to you all! May random.org be your friend on January 21st!!
Karen 1/5/09