The Slider- A Drawstring Travel Bag for shoes and dainties

In the space of a week I had two customers ask me if I made drawstring shoe bags. Well I don't need a ton of bricks to fall on me, so I got going on a design. This bag is 14" by 16" with a sturdy cord and a cord lock that allows you to keep it nicely cinched down. This bag is lined with my standard nylon taffeta. Shoes will slide in and out easily. However one customer said she didn't want a lining so I will make slight adjustments to the pattern to allow for that. Now that the design is in place it will be simple to adjust the dimensions of the bag and even put a line of stitching down the center to create compartments for the shoes. What about lining it in fleece? Putting an extra pocket on the inside? The sky could be the limit on The Slider!


Introducing: The Zeldina

This bag came about due to the request of one of my customers. She purchased a Zelda but wanted a smaller, more purse sized, bag of the same basic design. I just finalized the design today.
It's 11" wide, 5 1/4" tall and 3" deep. I shortened the adjustable strap by 4", included the inner Zoe pockets and eliminated the water bottle sleeve. The strap still utilizes the same method of adjustment but I replaced the large metal rings with lower profile rectangles.
AArrgg! Today, 9/15/07 I realized the dimensions of this bag, as posted here, are incorrect! It really is 12" wide by 8" tall and 3" deep. I have no clue where those other measurements came from! Karen


What's in the design stage right now!

Wow, I have so many requests for new products that my brain is spinning! It's wonderful.
This week I am finalizing a smaller version of my Zelda Messenger Bag, The Zeldina! I have the pattern finished and will be sewing a prototype this week. If it looks good, to me and my customer it will be ready to go. I also have requests for a shoe bag. You know, one of those drawstring bags for travel. Put your shoes, or your dainties, in then pop in your suitcase. That should be a quick design project. (Famous last words, the easy stuff can sometimes be very tricky)
I will also be going the opposite direction from The Zeldina and making a larger version of the Zelda/Zelda Deluxe, one that can hold a laptop as well as multiple notebooks etc. Sounds like the Zelda will have to expand in height, width and depth!
My Tallullah purse will also be expanding, 2" in all directions due to customer requests.
One more project, The Pickford looks like it will be getting a new twist based on a customer's request!
I'll be posting pics as these babies are created. What fun!!!


Britta's Shopper Tote-A New Zoe Bag

This is a brand new product. It sprang from the discovery of this beautiful owl fabric and my German owl collector's request. I found the fabric and she sent me pictures and dimensions, via e-mail, of a bag she had. I took the pics and the measurements and voila this new bag, the largest in my line to date.


My ikat products

A shop in the mountains above Boulder contacted me asking to carry some Zoe products! It's called The Alpaca store..and more! so I bought some Guatemalan Ikat fabrics in order to make a few of my bags complement the alpaca sweaters they sell.
Here's the first batch, very different than my usual fabrics, but they look great!