Over and out till next year!

I am working hard to finish all your custom orders this week. I am hopeful that I will be able to stop work on Thursday, and not return until Jan 3rd.
This has been an incredible year for me and I have all my wonderful customers to thank for that. So many of you come back time and time again, and I am so grateful.
You are so kind and complementary, and it is a pleasure to work with you on your dream bags, or perfect gifts for your family and friends.
On Christmas Day, I think of how many people are opening up presents that were custom made for them, by me. It's a great feeling!
Thanks to everyone and have a wonderful holiday.
See you in 2011!



Martha and her mom's Panther Deluxe in Santa Fe

Martha, borrowing her mom's Panther Deluxe, poses in the street that leads to the St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe.


Custom Santa Claus Honeysuckle Tote for Mrs. Santa, really

I was asked to take this panel of Santa and create a tote for a customer, who told me she was Mrs. Santa.

She wanted a zippered pocket on the back, but otherwise told me to make it my way! This is what I did


A few new fabrics: peace signs, sock monkey, horses, Japanese, pink poodles, Kanji Ninja

 I continue to get new prints in stock, but don't always have time to share them with you. 
If you love one, or more, let me know and we will make your dream bag! Contact me here
See all the fabrics available for your bags here
Here are some recent additions

Groovy Love and Peace

 Oodles of Poodles

 Sock monkey on pogo stick pale blue

Peace Daisies pink

Kanji Ninja-Another creative fabric from Alexander Henry. I love this one!

Simply Horses

Heron Garden


Tiina and her custom made purse, The Tootsie




Many thanks to Tiina for sending this great photograph, of herself and her Tootsie, with matching Slim zip bag. 
Last year she ordered a Morphin bag with a few flaps.  She waited until Christmas Day, before opening the package! What a strong woman! LOL!

Her kind comments this year

"Hi Karen,

I got my purse!!!!!  It's so beautiful!  The fabric is even better in person. The Tootsie is the perfect size.  All my coworkers are jealous ;)  There was NO waiting til Xmas for this one!I Promise to take pictures and send them soon!"

Nov 16 2010


Alexander Henry's Inked Tattooed Women Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

Inked, tattoed women Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

One of  my all time favorite fabrics. The colors and artwork are incredible. I made this bag, and it was claimed, by a newsletter subscriber instantly. I was set up to do a blog post, so I thought I'd share it anyway. I have plenty more of this print and would be happy to do a custom order for you. I plan on making other bags with it in the future, as well. As you can see, it's a larger scale print, but it works really well on the larger messengers and the Tallullah and Tootsie purses. It would also be great on a Tilly shoulder bag.  I think it would be very effective on the Boc, my padded case for an iPad .


Looking for a peace sign messenger bag? I have 3 new prints in stock!

Peace continues to be popular. I have these three new fabrics in stock, ready to become messenger bags, or perhaps laptop cases for you.

You can see all the prints, and peace sign products, in my shop, by clicking here!

Pastel Peace Signs

Faux Tie Die Peace Signs Dark

Faux tie die Peace Signs light


Padded case for a Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite-The Gamer

This is always a nice gift for the gamers in your life. I've been working on building the inventory over the last month. Now there plenty to pick from. You can find them in my shop here
The great thing about them is there are 6 small pockets inside for your game cards. The case is padded to protect the contents too

sock monkey padded case for Nintendo


Abby in London!

 Abby and Madison in St. James Park

London Tower Bridge

Buckingham Palace

Bronco vs 49ers in London, Wembley Stadium

Abby and her Morphin Zelda in London! Regular blog readers will recognize Abby. She lives  in Europe and sends me pictures of her travels, accompanied by a Zoe Designs bag. I especially love the picture of her at Wembley stadium!


A nice new assortment of evening bags, the Bebe is a clutch, wristlet or shoulder bag!


I wanted to get a great selection of Bebe's into the shop in time for the holidays. There are always occasions when you need something small, and decorative, in order to carry your i.d, some cash, credit cards, phone, maybe a comb and lipstick. This is the perfect bag for that. Wear it over your shoulder, or lightly wrap the cord around your hand. The padded sides make it a very comfortable bag to carry. I love the shape, it works well to showcase some of the more decorative fabrics I have.
You can find them in the shop here


Black Friday through Cyber Monday shipping deal!

Starting Black Friday and lasting through Cyber Monday, free US shipping and 1/2 off on shipping to Canada.
I hope you'll stop by and take a look in the shop!


Faux fur, a mink Bebe Clutch or Shoulder Bag with skeleton bride cameo!

I found a fantastic faux mink, it's simply gorgeous. It's thick and luxurious, but so hard to photograph in a way that shows you have great it is. I made a Bebe with just the faux mink, which you can find in the shop here.

But then I found this cameo. Called many names, including Lolita Skeleton and Skeleton Bride, I like to call it a Gothic Cameo. It's raised from the surface like cameos from the past, and I've never seen anything like it. I love it and thought it would be great on a faux mink Bebe, found in the shop here


This is a stock pic of a Bebe to show the scale with an iPhone.
The Bebe is designed to be used as a shoulder bag, or as a wristlet clutch. You can wrap the strap loosely around your wrist if you wish to carry it in your hand. It's padded to give it some structure and shape and has two inside pockets to hold id or cash. Perfect for a special occasion.


Swedish Garden Tilly Shoulder Bag

I acquired this fantastic Ikea fabric and knew it was headed for a Tilly Shoulder Bag. It's a home decor weight, so thicker than the usual cottons I use. The graphics are bold, yet the color way is somewhat muted. It's an eye catching bag that can be used for so many things. A great travel bag, diaper bag, project bag, even an everyday bag for those of you who need to carry a lot of work related materials with you.
Find it in the shop here


Abby near Gothenburg Sweden

Regular readers will recognize Abby. She's over in Europe and often sends pics of herself, and her Zoe Designs bags, in various amazing locations.
Here's the latest. Wow!


Orange Batik Peace Sign Lynx Deluxe Messenger Bag

I found this gorgeous orange batik peace sign print that I couldn't pass up. What a beautiful messenger bag it makes. Very unusual!
Find it in my shop here