Custom order lighthouse and ocean messenger bag with padded compartment

I do so many custom orders every week, I thought I should be sharing more of them with you. It's always interesting to see what people select when they have a real choice on the fabric and the bag too. This return customer wanted a Hawk messenger bag which has a padded compartment for an ereader. She also ordered  a matching Squirrel with a removable shoulder strap. This combination allows her to use the Squirrel as a purse in the Hawk, and then attach the shoulder strap and use it alone. A versatile combination, in a great fabric I call Oceanside


Need an evening bag? The popular Bebe can be a clutch, wristlet, or shoulder bag

The Bebe is perfect for those special occasions when you don't need to carry much. Going to a special event such as a wedding, prom, garden party, or a celebratory dinner? The Bebe can hold your phone, some i.d. and credit cards, some spare change, a comb and lipstick and you are all set.
I sell quite a few of these sweet little bags. I love the shape. It's padded, so it has a great "feel", as well as a great look!
Inside are two small pockets to help with organization. The strap is 21" long which makes it perfect to put on your shoulder, or to wrap loosely around your wrist to use as a wristlet.

Red dragon applique on black velvet Bebe
Black and white faux suede leopard print Bebe
Gold crinkle lame
Daydreamer Bebe
Plum Blossoms Bebe


Ghastlie Family Reunion Bags!

The popular Ghastlie family has returned, this time for a family reunion. I love this line of fabrics! Here are pics of the various "scenes" on the print, and the first 2 bags I made with it. As always custom orders are encouraged!
Ghastlie Family Reunion 1
Ghastlie Family Reunion 2

Ghastlie Family Reunion 3

Ghastlie Family Reunion 4
Ghastie Family Reunion 5

Ghastlie Family Reunion Trixie Purse
Ghastlie Family Reunion Raccoon shoulder bag
Ghastlie Family Reunion Raccoon 2nd side