Custom order Morphin Zelda Deluxe, Sweet Pea and Zeldina flap-Nerds Rock!

This is such a great fabric, I had never seen before. A return customer, who already owned a Morphin Zeldina, set it along, and ordered, a flap for her Zeldina, a Morphin Zelda Deluxe and a matching Sweet Pea. As a chemistry teacher she thought the fabric was perfect. I agree! What a crack up!

Custom Hawk Jr mini messenger bag

When I designed the Hawk, the intent was to have a bag a little larger than the Zeldina and Falcon, and to include an interior padded pocket for a netbook. However some customers have found the size perfect for their needs, without that padded pocket. So I call it the Hawk Jr. an inch larger, in all directions,than the Zeldina, otherwise the same style exactly. Then there are options for customizing, as you can see here. This customer added an exterior zippered pocket. She also provided her own fabric, which was gorgeous!


Leah Knitting in Public in Vegas!

I blogged recently about Leah, who is a face painter extraordinaire! She taught at a face painting convention in Las Vegas this month and sent back photographs too! She is an avid knitter and has one of my Kipsters, knit in public bags. As you can see she made sure to get as many shots of herself knitting in public, as possible. I think she might be throwing down a challenge to Abby and Madi. What's an interesting coincidence is the location of the first photograph she sent, a faux Venice in Vegas!

Second shot, of course, a slot machine,

then at a restaurant

Look at the giant blender in the background!

Here she is in the hotel lobby, and

finally in a limo ride with attendees at the convention. Through it all she just kept knitting!


For those of you who have my bags with an adjustable shoulder strap: I need your opinion!

I am thinking of making the straps 8" longer on all shoulder bags. I was sure this morning, but the first feedback I got was from someone who said they sometimes use theirs on the shortest setting. I'd love to know what others think. I set up this quick little form so you can answer yes, no or, doesn't matter. I'd really appreciate your opinion on this! Feel free to drop me an email if that's easier for you,
Thanks so much


Abby in Venice during Carnevale

Regular readers will recognize Abby! She sent these pics and explained....

"Carnevale is like Mardi Gras -- except Carnevale is celebrated in Italy.
We went to Venice today to have lunch and see the festivities.

The first picture was taken in the San Marco Piazza (St. Mark's Square)
The second was taken on a bridge located in Venice off the beaten path."


Azucar Day of the Dead custom Panther Deluxe

I was contacted by a customer looking for an unusual messenger bag. She loved this Azucar, Day of the Dead print immediately. She selected a Panther Deluxe, but after she saw the possible additional options, she added a few extra features.
A full panel zippered pocket on the back, a padded shoulder strap,a carry handle, and, inside a zippered divider pocket.
It turned out to be a stunning bag as you can see.

What did she think?
"I lovvvvveee my bag! I've already gotten so many compliments on it! I'm gonna print off some of your cards because everyone wants to know where to get theirs. My mom loves her sweet pea wallet by the way! You did an absolutely awesome job! They are both very well made products and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Thank youuuuuuu! CaraS" 1/29/10


Custom Order Peace Sign Gamers-Padded cases for Nintendos

This was a nice order. The customer wanted to get three different peace sign Gamers, my padded cases for Nintendo DS Lites, for her daughter and her friends. She asked me to add a carry handle on the side.
No problem, that is a popular add on for people who are buying them for their kids!



Custom Morphin Falcon Mini Messenger Bag

This custom order for a Morphin Falcon really shows the variety you can achieve with this style. Three removable flaps, one is bold and bright, one is Asian and the other a "go with everything" black and white.

What did the customer say?
"Hi Karen

I got my bag yesterday.... I love it! I have to say that I have never had such amazing customer service! The bag exceeded my expectations! I will be back and spreading they word about your amazing products!



Asian Kimonos Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag

Hot off the needle today! I thought this new print, with the kimonos on a purple background, would look pretty awesome with the new red I bought for bodies. It sure does! The red is a little brighter in the photographs than it is in real life. It's a softer shade.
Something a little different for those who like more color in their bags!
You can find it in the shop by clicking here


The grand prize Giveaway winner!

Clenna E won the $100 gift certificate.

We had a great time working on her selection. She wanted a Tilly with the zebra print.

She also liked the black, white and red damask and wondered if she could have an Otter with the solid parts in red. I didn't have any red in stock so it was the perfect time to place an order for some, as well as add the navy , mentioned in the previous post, to my offerings!
She asked if it was possible to put some "bling" on the Otter, like I do on my Tallullahs and Tootsies. At first I said it wasn't, but after some thought I was able to make it happen. It turned out to be a great looking bag!

She is thrilled with the bags and told me she had a great time working on the designs!

I hope everyone who participated had a good time entering, even if you didn't win
. I loved reading all your favorite books, movies, quotes, and suggestions for additions to my line. :-0


Custom Large Tootsie Purse that is sooo incredible!

Late last year I blogged about a custom monster Tootsie I made for a return customer. She provided the fabric and it turned out to be pretty amazing. Almost right away she decided she wanted another bag, same style but could I make it larger? I wasn't able to do it till January but she bought the materials and sent them my way. We both knew, right away, that this was going to be spectacular! She wanted it made from faux leopard and found two embroidered patches that she wanted to use. The larger on the front, the smaller in the lower back.
I had to do all the prototyping work to design the larger size, but once that was done it was on to Miyo's bag. I also made her a Scooter zip bag from the left over Monster fabric

She has a few of my bags and has promised to get glammed up and do a photo shoot with them all!

She loved them as you can see from her comments

"Hey Karen I got them yesterday and they are perfect!! No surprise there, you always do fantastic work!!! The first thing I did when the postman gave me the box was rip it open, admire them for a few seconds and then threw my stuff in!! I can keep my sketch book and everything in it!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much!!!! I'll get that picture of me and all my bags out to you as soon as I can!!! Thanks Karen!!! You're the best!!!!"



The two $15 winners from the Giveaway!

Leslie R

Orange Summer Sweet Pea Mini Wallet

Nina O

used her gift certificate as partial payment for an Otter Hipster Bag, using the Iris and Umbrella print, and my brand new navy body fabric. Plus she couldn't pass up this amazing peacock print, and had me use it for Pippa Portfolio.


Great new peace sign prints perfect for laptop or netbook cases

Peace doves pink

I have a simple padded, zippered case, in two sizes, that was designed for netbooks but will work fine for smaller laptops too. The Boc and the Boda. Since I know peace is still a popular theme, I added an option to my shop to select from a variety of peace sign prints for either of these padded cases during checkout. You can find them in the shop here.
Here are a few of the new prints, which, of course, are available for messengers, morphin flaps, or anything else you so desire!

peace doves green

Peace doves blue

Paisley peace signs

Peace dots