Morphin Tallullah- Purse with removable flaps featuring owls

This is another example of my new line of bags. The Morphin line. Designed to allow you to buy the body of one of my bags, and add as many flaps as you like, to change the look in a very simple manner.
This is actually the first bag that received the Morphin touch! Readers of my blog will recognize the signature fabric of one of my favorite customers. Yes, the owl collector from Germany!
I had the idea to do a removable flap on my messenger bags many months ago. I thought about it and discounted it. Then lo and behold, Britta asked me if I could do something along those lines.
I told her it seemed too complex, but she made a few suggestions. I started to consider it again, seriously, and realized it was actually possible and would be a great product.
She wanted the Tallullah style, with a zippered back pocket. so I converted the Tallullah to the Morphin, by adding velcro closures for the flap instead of my usual buckles.
Between the two of us we had acquired quite a few owl prints, so once the design process was completed I began the flaps.
I can't put more than 5 pictures in each blog post so I'll share only some here. But each one is wonderful, and creates such a different look for the same bag, it's pretty amazing!


The Morphin Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag-with a removable flap

Long in the thought process , the idea of offering my messenger bags with flaps that can be removed.
My customers often love quite a few fabrics that I have on hand, so this bag is a natural. Buy one body and as many flaps as you like. Buy one or two to start and come back when you want a change.
Simple to switch, same bag features as The Zeldina, and, in the long run, a lot less expensive to buy one bags and, say, four flaps, than it is to buy four bags!

For sale in my Etsy store right now.


Koala Bears and a Zoe Designs Customer

I am pleased to have gained permission to share with you this picture of the recipient of one of my bags.
This young person is passionate about koalas.

Not only was she pleased with her bag, but, sends a message to everyone who reads this:

"Remember to save the koalas"



One of a Kind Asian Dragon Bag

Another Britta Shopper Tote finished in the last few weeks.
This was a long time in the making. Like so many of my other materials, I bought it and didn't have time to turn it into a bag.
It's an Indonesian handmade batik panel. It was so beautiful I knew it would make an amazing one of a kind Britta. The print I purchased to use with it conjured up images of dragon scales, perfect to complement the batik.
The batik panel is framed on the sides with the scale print, and the entire back is cover with it as well. The gold accents on the print really add to the overall look of this stunning bag!
You can buy it from me directly or find in in one of my shops. I'm not going to put a link for this one because I will be moving it around from shop to shop. Just click on the links to my shops in the side bar and search for dragon.
Or, as always, contact me at service@zoesbagboutique.com to buy it directly or learn in which shop it resides!


The Jasmine Wristlet Clutch

This is a design I did a few months ago. I haven't had a chance to move forward with it, but this weekend I thought it was time to unveil it. I think it would be a great bag for the holidays and special occasions, when you need some essentials, such as your cell phone, keys and id.
An inside zippered pocket, and the additional outside zippered pocket, help with organization.

It's a combination of the shape of My Bebe clutch and the construction of The Sweet Pea Mini Wallet.
10” at the widest point
8” at the top
3 3/4” deep
The strap is 5 1/2” long



Frieda Kahlo Shopper Tote

I bought this fabric quite a while ago. I knew the large motif would need to be featured on a pretty large bag so I set it aside. But every time I look in the drawer where I keep it I think I must pull it out and see what I can do. Finally I did it. It fits beautifully on my Britta Shopper tote, the top of my tote line.
It's 19" wide at the top
15.5" wide at the base
14" tall and 5" deep
It has my popular Zoe Pocket Set inside, as well as one of my other popular components, the key clip.
Black back and bottom really set of the print.
You can contact me directly to buy this bag at: service@zoesbagboutique.com or find it in my Etsy shop



Asian Dragon Zeldina Mini Messenger Bag

I have been wanted to use this fabric for sometime, it's seems made for the flap of the Zeldina. Perfect fit. Today I was able to complete the bag and it was worth the wait. Just as I envisioned it, spectacular. As always you can contact me directly to purchase this bag at: service@zoesbagboutique.com or you can find it in my shop
Asian Dragons are increasingly popular motifs on my bags and no wonder.
Sept 11th/ 08.


The most Beautiful Asian Cranes Large Zelda Deluxe Messenger Bag ever!

Another custom order. This bag was so gorgeous, I was truly thrilled with the outcome.
A large Zelda Deluxe, with a matching Grab and Go Padded Laptop case, a zippered pocket on the back panel, an interior divider and a set of internal poochy pockets. Designed for someone who travels a great deal and only takes a carry on bag.