Spring break!

Time for a little break. I will not be working Thursday or Friday this week. The main shop will be open, so you are welcome to buy anything you like!  However Wednesday, March 28th (tomorrow) will be the last day I will ship until Monday April 2.



A happy customer in Finland!

I am delighted to share these wonderful photographs, and kind words, with you
This is Mervi, who lives in Finland.
She bought a hippie peace sign Lynx Deluxe from the shop.
 Here she is, outside on a sunny spring day, in Finland

Here she is in her living room. Look at that wallpaper!
Thanks so much for sharing, Mervi!

"I got my bag today and it's WONDERFUL, millions of thanks :D

I'm sure this bag will bring me a lot of enjoyment, it's really spacious and the batik peace signs are awesome! I'm so happy that I found your shop through the internet, it was so heartwarming to make an order from you knowing that my bag is unique and not a so-called "mass-product" like so many things are today :) " Mervi


Padded cases for the new iPad 3

The sizing of the new iPad 3 is so close to the size of the iPad 2 that I don't have to make any adjustments to the cases I have!

 Here are a few in stock sleeves. As usual the style is a padded zippered case that is available in 2 models, the standard and the deluxe. The deluxe has a zippered pocket on the front. As with all my padded cases there are 2 d rings on the top in case you want to add a shoulder, or, wristlet strap.

The Boda and Boda Deluxe are sized to hold the iPad 2 and 3, with smart cover, plus other similar sized tablets and netbooks.

The Boc and Boc Deluxe will also hold the iPads (originally designed for the iPad1) and provide a roomier fit. They also fit the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other larger sized tablets and netbooks.

As always custom orders are encouraged. Since I have 100's and 100's of fabric options why not pick the one that you really love!  Turn around time is minimal

Japanese Teahouse Boda

Bikers Boda

Magical Flight dragonflies Boda

Magical Flight dragonflies teal Boda Deluxe

Sugar skulls Boda Deluxe


Custom made iPhone purse and feedback

It's wonderful when a customer comes back, months after they have bought something from me, to share their feedback. This customer wanted my Tarquin padded case for her sister.  She requested that I add a long strap with a clip so she could attach it to her purse, ensuring that it wouldn't get lost. The long strap allowed her to keep it inside her purse. Here's what she said:

"I have no excuse, and only the flimsy reason that my forgetter is working better than ever.  I have not thanked you for your special care you gave my sister and I last December.

The iPhone bag is wonderful.  The extra pocket is perfect for license, credit cards, etc.  Louise has had no problem misplacing her phone ever since she got it.  The clip works well to attach to a belt loop when she doesn't want to take her purse, and to her purse when she does.

She is out of town for a while now, but when she gets back I will send you a pic of the bag "en place" as it were.

Thanks for your beautiful work and imaginative design,     Barb"
custom made iPhone purse


Scottish Terrier bags!

Scottie on red plaid pencil case
It's hard to find dog breed specific fabrics, so I always keep my eyes open for them. I was pleased to find some Scottish Terrier fabrics, two with plaid backgrounds. They are perfect for my Scribe Pencil Case and Scooter zip bag. The Scottie on red plaid works especially well on the Raven Coin Purse. Perfect gifts for lovers of Scotties, and as you can see, one has Westies on it as well. I am happy to work with you to make a special bag from these fabrics. Just contact me and ask!

Scottie on red plaid coin purse

Scottie Parade pencil case
Scottie on teal plaid Scooter zip bag


New fabrics for your custom made bag, Japanese, skulls, flowers, kawaii and knitting!

Alluring mums

I get new prints in stock all the time. Lately I have been trying to add a new one to my photo album, most weekdays. I also post it to my Facebook wall and add it as a Morphin flap, (so you can replace the flap on your bag) to the shop, at the same time.  I call this processing the print LOL! It's like cataloging it, so I know I have officially added it to my inventory of fabrics. Contact me for a custom order!

Food's vacation on yellow
Russian flowers
Peacock garden
Sharks on red

Skulls on blue faux tie dye

Calligraphy on blue
Purl two