A holiday break and thanks

Happy Holidays to you all!
I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who stops by to read the blog, follows me on Facebook and drops by the shop to see what's new.
I am honored by your support and gratified that my bags make your life easier and bring a little pleasure to your day.
When I decided to try and sell my bags on line I had no idea it would lead to my own shop and an ever growing group of wonderful people who buy them.
Many times during each week I hear from someone who has glowing words about my bags, my service, even the speed in which they receive their purchase, and it warms my heart.
In this world of mass production and poor customer service I am happy to offer personalized attention and one of a kind, and often, custom made bags.
It is because of you that I am able to continue this business, even during this year that has been a challenge for us all.
I am taking a break over the holidays beginning on Dec 24th returning on Jan 3rd. The main shop will still be open for purchases but I will not be shipping until I return.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.
Thank you!


A new and improved photo gallery!

What a nice surprise I had this morning, when I checked on my photo gallery! It has been redesigned and I think will be much easier to maneuver for all of us.
The landing page now has a photo for each category rather than a list of names down the side.
It moves from page to page much more quickly than the list of names did. It also has a search gallery feature that will allow you to search by key word. I will have to add tags to the photographs to make them easier to find. But overall I am thrilled with the new design!
Click here to see the Gallery!


whoo hoo and thanks to Far East Fabrics!

I blogged about Kathy of Far East Fabrics a few months ago. I made a Tilly shoulder bag and matching pencil case for her from one of the gorgeous Kona Bay fabrics she sells.
I learned, this morning, that she has placed photographs of the bags, and a link to my site, on her home page! Wow! I am thrilled!
Thanks Kathy, you are the best. If you want to buy one, or more of her prints, and have them sent to me for your custom bag, be sure to use the coupon code zoe, during checkout at Far East Fabrics, to get a 10% discount.


More Custom Pinup Pickford Purses for Stacy's Collection,

Snowy Sally

Firefighter Fanny

Over the years I have blogged about one of my long time customers, Stacy. She found me on eBay and quickly moved into ordering custom made bags. She likes the quirky prints, and is especially fond of old time pin ups! She found a few, printed on fabric and sent them to me to turn into Pickford Purses earlier in the year.

She has so many of my bags, - by her count it's 30 ish- that I created an album in my Gallery to showcase them. She stopped by my Facebook Fanpage recently and mentioned that the most recent bags weren't in her Gallery album. Ha ha! I am rectifying that by blogging about them, as well as adding them to the album. They are great, as are all the bags we design together!



Glor and her Morphin Lynx Deluxe, plus all the reasons everyone's photographs are so wonderful!

Glor sent me the most amazing review of my bags I have ever received. She has now, kindly, sent along a wonderful photograph of herself with the bag, a Morphin Lynx Deluxe with a brand new flap!.

These pics of all of you, with your bags, are great in so many ways.

First, and foremost, I love to see you! After working with each of you to create the bag of your dreams, I get to know you a little. It's so nice to be able to put a face with the words and personality in your emails!

Secondly, I'm honored that you would take time out of your busy life, to pose for the photographs and send them to me.

Thirdly, regular blog readers, and customers appreciate seeing your bags, and your trips to exotic locales. I know this because they tell me!

Finally, your photographs help others who are looking for their perfect bags. They wonder about the size? Is it too large, too small? When they see your photograph, with your perfect bag, it helps them tremendously as they try to decide which size they need.

I guess there is one more point. The fact that you have trusted me to make a bag for you, me, some unknown person on the internet, and that you are pleased with the outcome, fills me with gratitude every day. It also gives the next "potential" customer confidence that they can place an order and, will get a bag made with skill and dedication to quality, as well as customer service that is attentive and caring!

So this post, that was going to rave about Glor's photograph, became something more. A thanks to all of you for trusting me to create the bag you seek. To those of you who read my blog,who take part in discussions on my Facebook Fan page, and subscribe to my newsletter, thank you for taking the time to stay in touch, you are appreciated more than I can ever express!



Movie Monsters Tootsie Purse-custom order

It's wonderful when customers come back to order more bags! This customer, Miyo, found me on eBay a few years ago. She bought a Tallullah I had in stock, and a few zippered bags. Then she asked about a shoulder bag. This was at the exact time I was working on the design for the Layla, for two women who had been looking for the perfect diaper bag. I took the Layla design and created the Tilly. It was just what she was looking for. She selected the classic Sailor Jerry tattoo print in black, for the front and back, and in tan for the pockets. It was a great looking bag.
Time passed, and she came back for another custom order, a month or so ago. She found this fantastic movie monster print. Long time blog readers might recognize it, since it's the third time I have been asked to do a custom bag using this rare print.
She loves her Tallullah but wanted a zipper. No problem, the Tootsie is a Tallullah with a zip.
We worked on the layout of the print, to make sure her favorite monsters got the prime, front panel, spot.

Her comments after receiving the bag?

"Hey I got my bag yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm getting so many compliments on it!! Even from the guys I work with!! : ) you know I'm gonna be buying all kinds of cool fabrics just so you can make me more Tootsies!!! It's my favorite style, totally perfect!!!! Eeeh!! I'm gonna get all glammed out and take some pics with all of the bags I got from you!! I can't thank you enough!!!!

I'm so happy with it!!!

~miyo "



Custom Britta Zippered Tote with owls


Long time readers will recognize, right away, that this must be for Britta, my customer in Germany, who is an avid collector of all things owl! She found this print and couldn't resist. It arrived in my mailbox and we thought it would be perfect for the Britta Shopper Tote. This is my top of the line tote, with the Zoe Pocket Set inside, one of my popular key clips, and a zippered top. The straps are done in a two tone style. As you can tell, by the nice green grass in the photograph, this bag was made a few months ago. No green grass in Colorado right now! How cute is this?


A Morphin Zelda Deluxe, and its owner, on the first day of 4th grade!

Thanks so much to a customer for sending along this great photograph of her daughter on the first day of 4th grade. Not only is she adorable, but the photograph illustrates the size of the Zelda Deluxe, (in this case a Morphin version, with removable flaps) for my younger customers.
Thanks again Julia!


Custom order, Morphin Zelda Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag and some adorable baby items to complete the set

One of my regular customers wanted to give a gift to friends having a baby. She selected a Morphin Zelda Deluxe so they could have an assortment of flaps from which to choose. I did some custom work on the inside, adding a set of poochy pockets for diapers etc. plus changed the water bottle sleeve into a mesh pocket.
She found some sweet items from Cloth Dreams on Hyena Cart
Plus an adorable onesie with a baby bird painted on the front, on Etsy.
She had them sent to me and I sent them, all together, to the new parents. What a nice gift!
By the way , the craftsmanship on the Cloth Dreams items was stellar. The tiny little fitted diaper had so much work in it, so much detail, and so many little snaps! The art work on the onesie, perfect.


Newest Kipsters: small knitting project bags especially good for knitting in public!

I found time to make a few new KIPsters in the last few weeks. Sugars skulls are always popular, as are fairies. I thought the two flower prints were nice and bold too, I'm not usually an "orange person" but this print is one of my favorites!
Find them in my shop by clicking here!