A break at year's end!

I am taking my annual year end break :-)  The main shop will stay open but I will not be shipping again until Jan 2nd.
Thanks for all your support this year. I have many wonderful loyal customers, and I appreciate you so much.
I wish you a wonderful holiday season and I'll see you back here next year!


A custom made messenger bag and its happy owner

Many thanks to Tiina for sending this awesome pic of herself and her new Zelda Deluxe messenger bag.
Why settle for a bag not quite right when you can get one custom made for you? I customized this bag for Tiina by adding a zippered pocket on the back per her request. She carries her bags on her left side so I oriented the open pocket and key clip so they would be right there by her left hand.

Feel free to contact me to custom order your dream bag


Super custom made mini messenger and adorable models

I worked closely with this customer to make a super customized bag. 
We started with a Morphin Falcon. I made it slightly taller and wider, then I added an extender flap so she could still use the standard Morphin Falcon flaps.

She needed a place for her umbrella, so I added a deep mesh pocket to one end. 

On the other end I made 2 small zippered pockets so she can have easy access to bus passes etc.

 She also added a small carry strap and a movable shoulder protector

Inside we upgraded to a heavy lining in silver gray, added another small zippered pocket and a set of poochy pockets

She was also kind enough to supply some adorable models to show off the bag once it arrived at her house!


Looking for unusual and quirky drawstring bags? How about these? Fairies, witches, foxes, woodland animals and Mexican wrestling masks

Long time fans of my bags know I am always on the lookout for unusual fabrics. Here's a sampling of some new fabrics used to make my Suebee drawstring bags. These bags are so useful. They might be perfect for carrying knitting and crochet projects, but they can be used for organizing the home, carrying cd's or golf balls and going out for the evening. My customers have given me this list of uses which continues to grow!
My eclectic fabric selection, and the reasonable price of the Suebee also make them perfect gifts.  Don't see one in stock that will suit Auntie Sissy, or the nice lady across the street?
Just contact me and I will do a custom made bag for you.  Custom made makes it extra special, and could result in a one of a kind gift. A one of a kind item, handcrafted in the USA, is  hard to find in these days of mass production


A happy customer, Jessica, with her Nevermore Falcon. She was doing a Dr. Who K-9 cosplay at a Sci-Fi convention. She said she was breaking her costume a bit because my bag was so impressive . So cool!


Japanese Messenger Bags, with laptop sleeve, for back to school

Some people need lots of room in their messenger bags. That usually means they need the Panther or Panther Deluxe.
Inside are pockets,a key clip, a water bottle sleeve and a sleeve for holding a laptop.
The Deluxe model has two pockets on the outside as well. Lots of places to help you stay organized!

The Japanese prints work so well on the larger sized bags don't they?

 Flying Cranes Panther Messenger Bag

 Koi and flowers Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag  
Side pockets on the Panther Deluxe


A Zoe bag on a Vegas vacation!

Colette was kind enough to send these two pictures of her new purse, plus she said some really nice words about the bag too :-)

Hello Karen,
I love my new purse!  My husband and I went to Las Vegas this last weekend and he took these photos of me at Caesar's Palace with my beautiful blue lotus fabric purse in the Tootsie.  Thank you for making such awesome creations with beautiful and interesting fabric prints.
Best regards,


Lots of customer pictures to share!

I am happy to share some pics sent by happy customers. :-)

I work on the campus of Arizona State University, and took some pics of my Kipster on campus. 2 are of the fountain area beside the Memorial Union, one is in the Computing Commons (that’s where the bank of computers is)

A Morphin Zeldina Deluxe, with a padded pocket for an iPad. Kim reports the bag matches her Harley bags perfectly!

Sofia sent this great pic of her new Kipster in action at the beach in Sweden

We just opened Madeline's leopard pencil bag. Wow! It's perfect...exactly what we ordered. And the craftsmanship is amazing; you are really gifted.
I attached a pic of our bag.
Thanks again for making this custom order such an easy and fulfilling process.



Vacation time is here!

 I am taking some time off.
The main shop is still open, and you can buy anything you like, but I won't be shipping again until Monday July 29th

I'll also be able to answer your questions about your dream bag at that time.
I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Thanks for all your support!


Happy Customer with his Zombie Bag

Say hello to Kaleb!  Check out his cool zombie bag.  What a great pic this is :-) Many thanks to his mom for sharing it with me


Custom bags going on a bike ride!

I am pleased to share these photographs of 2 custom made bags, sent to me by Renee'

She had me make a Kipster knitting bag and a matching padded case. They look great, thanks for sharing Renee'!


Custom made Halloween style bags

I am happy to share these new photographs sent by a happy customer.
As you can see she is a big fan of Halloween, as so many of my regular customers are!


Elzabeth Montgomery statue modeling 2 of my bags!

I am happy to share this awesome photograph of 2 of my bags. They are in Salem Mass, on the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery from the tv show Bewitched. Thanks to Heather for taking the time create this great photo shoot!

The larger bag, called a Tilly, is made with fabric sent to me by Heather. It's witches playing accordions, see the pic below for a better view



Happy customer with her custom made messenger bag with a padded compartment

Such a great photograph of one of my regular customers. Dotty ordered a Hawk Messenger bag. The Hawk has a padded pocket inside that is perfect for protecting electronic devices such as tablets and iPads.


Custom order Movie Monster purse and matching wallet

This is a custom made Tootsie purse with a matching Sweet Pea mini wallet, in the amazing Movie Monster print.
The awesome photographs were sent to me by the happy new owner. I love the poster in the background, and of course, the kitty is adorable !


Customer's knitting bags

I am pleased to share photographs sent by my customers, of their knitting bags!

This is Madame and Pocket :-)


wallets on strings perfect for everyday or that special vacation

One of my popular products, the wallet on a string is perfect for running out to do errands, or taking on a special trip overseas. It's small, but holds plenty, and has all kinds of pockets for organizing.
I am working on a new batch, just right for spring and summer. Here are a few.

Echino bird dots

Art deco gold

Kawaii travel 

Batik garden

Nevermore Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe